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We have been so impressed with the creativity of the campaigns Verve Search have produced for us and the coverage it’s achieved. Their dedication to quality and results is second to none. And it shows in the results.
Anders Nilsson, Head of PR and Outreach,

Verve Search’s bold and innovative approach has proven to be a huge success for us time and time again. They regularly exceeded our expectations not only with their creative campaigns and production but also with their forward thinking. They continue to get links from some of the most high-profile sites in the Nordics and we couldn’t be happier with the results!
Anna Stower, SEO Manager

Since we started working with Verve, we’ve been really impressed with how much they’ve been able to achieve. We’re extremely pleased with the results they’ve been able to generate and this has made a significant contribution to our bottom line.
Jon Davies, Head of Marketing,
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Unknown Tourism

Client: Expedia
Market: UK
Campaign URL:

We created a series of fictional travel posters commemorating some of the animals we’ve lost and are in danger of forgetting. Inspired by the air travel advertisements of the mid-20th century, the posters show the animals once endemic to particular countries, such as the Dodo to Mauritius, the Golden Toad to Costa Rica and the Giant Galliwasp to Jamaica.


Expedia approached Verve Search asking us  to create a campaign that would:

  1. Achieve top-tier, authoritative, editorially valid links that increase site authority.
  2. Deliver LinkScore results of over 1500 points.
  3. Support and increase brand recognition efforts through coverage, social and print.


We’re all used to looking at a guidebook to find out more about a country before we visit, but how often do we stop and think about the things we can’t see there anymore? How many people actually know that the Moa was once endemic to New Zealand, or that the Dodo was from Mauritius? This lack of consumer knowledge would create a starting-point for journalists to talk about two trending topics – ecotourism and fantastical beasts – in the context of the topic that was important to Expedia – exotic destinations.

We would tell the story emotively via the simple format, quality of the illustrations and by the posters alluding to, rather than directly tackling, the issue of loss.

This would position Expedia positively in discussions around sustainable tourism, whilst also incentivising travel itself by showing how exotic these distant lands are.


Achieved top-tier, authoritative, editorially valid links that increase site authority.

LinkScore 5,331

Unknown Tourism obtained 97 links from the largest authority sites, including;

The Guardian Business Insider
Travel & Leisure Huffington Post
BBC Science Washington Post
Popular Science Mental Floss

Delivered LinkScore results of over 1500 points.*

Support and increase brand recognition efforts through coverage, social and print.

The campaign has been viewed online over 21k times, as well as featuring offline in Washington Post, Observer and Politiken. Furthermore the campaign was shared over 90k times from some major accounts.

Two online petitions were set up by conservation enthusiasts which resulted in 1,314 signatures thanking Expedia UK for raising awareness of endangered species.

A first for a Verve Search, a mini replica set of posters were created for users of The Sims computer game – which was really exciting to see!