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The Power of SEO – My presentation from SEM Konferansen

Just spoke at SEM Konferansen in Oslo today, a search conference organised by INMA (IAB Norway). It was the first time I have spoken at a Search conference in Norway, and i really really enjoyed it. I was suprisingly nervous, it’s my motherland after all. Today was day 1, and the line up has just been  fantastic, the audience was very engaging and suseptable. It was also staggering refreshing to have more than 15 min to speak, I had a 1 hour slot and for once felt I actually got to give an input that would have been useful to the audience. Allot of the time when I speak at a conference 10 min hardly gives you time to warm up and I would argue the audience doesn’t get enough quality content for such short presentations.

I promised I would make my presentation available, so here is my presentation about the Power of SEO where I go through the basics of SEO along with more in depth information about each SEO area (Technical, on page and off page SEO). If you were at the conference and still want to ask any questions or give any comments please feel free to do so :) Lastly I would like to say thank you to INMA Norway and especially Magne Uppman and Ola Hano for great organisation of this event.

To view the presentation just click the “play button” below in the slideshare window!

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14 thoughts on “The Power of SEO – My presentation from SEM Konferansen

  1. Dixon Jones

    How did you see the presentation Richard? It is marked as “private” on slideshare when I click on that link. (Maybe Lisa has banned me personally and I am developing an irrational complex) :)

    Yeh, yeh… I probably shouldn’t have clicked on a link that’s probably in Norwegian – but that goes for both of us :)


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  3. Lisa Myers Post author

    @Dixon sorry mate, it was all along I just took away the other link so you wouldn’t get distracted ;)

    @Ricky: thanks for pointing out the thread about “length of registering a domain” and although it’s a comment from a Google Employee I wouldn’t necessary not consider registering the domain for a longer period. Sometimes you get different advice from different Google employees.

  4. Lisa Myers Post author

    Also I would like to add to this presentation that both Rand Fishkin and Adam Lasnik gave some evidence that the search engine no longer puts a high emphasis on H1’s (or h2, h3 for that matters) as a ranking factor. Although Rand pointed out in his presentation that of the 70 odd SEO professional SEOs that were asked in this years “Search Engine Ranking Factors” Survey believed that the H1 (also referred to as the heading tag) DID have a big impact on rankings. Rand continued explaining that according to their data of testing this was not the case. Saying this, I am personally going to continue to include main keywords within the H1 tag of pages as even if it wasn’t a major ranking factor it definetly helps stickiness and confirming to searchers that the page is in fact about what they just searched for.

  5. Nico

    The tag thing as I understand it is that the tag in itself is not a ranking factor, but the heading of a web page is. This means that if you can tell google what the heading is without using a -tag that is enough. This is very logical and exactly how google wants it to be. From googles and other SEs point of view it would be very stupid to have a tag in itself to be a ranking factor.

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