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The New Verve Search Identity and Website

Verve has seen an incredible amount of growth over the last 12 months. This time last year there were 7 of us, now we are likely to hit 20 by the end of the summer. The most exciting part of our growth is the diversity of the team; we now speak 14 languages between us. How awesome is that? We are now doing SEO and Outreach all over the world, and loving it. In fact, our diversity and different origins is what inspired the new logo.


As the team has grown, the ideas have gotten bigger and our urge to create new things has become stronger. That’s why at the beginning of this year we hired a designer and a programmer, now we can’t understand how the hell we ever managed without them. This has allowed us pitch and create big ideas and creative that supports our SEO campaigns and outreach.

As the agency grew it became clear that our identity was lagging behind, the website weren’t reflecting our creative approach and abilities. In fact, I found it quite embarrassing to look at the old website as it hadn’t been changed since I founded the company in 2009 (eek). So we decided to redesign everything, a whole new identity. And here it is. New logo; new site.

A lot of hard work and sweat has gone into redesigning and developing this new site. It took 3 months longer than we thought, it always does. Before we started I had a vision of a site that would be more than just the typical service agency site, a site that shows off all our knowledge, creatively and technically; a hub of knowledge. This is how the “knowledge bank” was born. The idea behind the Knowledge Bank was to build up content over time (as you will see it’s not full to the brim yet) relating to all the services we provide. Informational knowledge rather than sales content, we have always said we are transparent as an agency, this new site proves it and reflects who we really are.

Thank Yous
I would like to thank our talented in house designer Ana, who has done an amazing job on the new logo and design. She also created the awesome new video on our homepage. Well done Ana, you did an awesome job. Secondly I would like to thank Suhail, our in house programmer and all-round genius for developing the site and always saying “sure, that can be done”. You are a rare breed Suhail! I would also like to thank Ben for helping me create all the copy on the site, for understanding my ramblings and vision, and making it sound so “Verve”. Lastly I would like to thank the rest of the Verve Search team for adding content to the knowledge bank and input on the site. You guys rock!

Undoubtedly there will be errors that have slipped through the ‘net’, so if you do see something that looks wrong please email us on

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