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V SEO – why businesses should optimise videos for YouTube

After recently working with a client regarding Video Optimisation I found myself gagging to write an article about the potential benefits of video optimisation.  This is such article and will exist as a platform for my thought spilling, fact finding and jibber jabbing process. sam_blogpost_headcogs

Through the creation and posting of videos illustrating your products or service a sharp boost of brand awareness can be gained via user generated content sites like YouTube.  Currently 48% of internet users have been to a video sharing website like YouTube (fact finding = tick) So by simply positioning your brand online it can help to generate an extra channel of traffic to your website.

The expectant long term increase of site visitors is not the primary focus of hosting online videos as it can first and foremost be a successful and valuable asset to generate brand awareness for your client. Companies such as Nokia have successfully utilised YouTube to show off their products and latest phone features.  So far, the video has 1,222,525 views, 536 ratings and 799 comments.  By establishing a link to the blog from the YouTube page Nokia could leverage the viewers by turning them into website visitors. Since this is a FREE feature I will twist anyones arm for them to place a link! How can you turn down anything that is free, unless it happens to be swine flu of course.

Creating and distributing online videos can enable you to leverage compelling video content and enable you to obtain a consistent stream of traffic from sources outside of the search engines (thought spilling = tick)

No matter what market your client is in posted videos can help illustrate a wide range of products and services. This is a great way of interacting with the consumer and allowing them to not only read your brand message but to visualise it too.

sam_blogpost_universalsearchexample1A major turning point in Google displayed search results was the introduction of Universal search. There is an increased frequency of YouTube and other videos showing up in the Google search results. A long term goal is to eventually have your clients videos displayed in the Google search results for selected key terms.  Having a video in the search results can actually generate more traffic than a listing in a higher place due to the interactive nature of a video.  Video optimisation and the allowance of Google to host these in its search results creates a new channel for marketers to exploit and interact with consumers.  The comment feature in particular can be used to monitor the attitude and commonly held beliefs of consumers about the brand. This knowledge can be harnessed and be very valuable for changing negative brand opinions.

It is an ever growing common occurrence for a browser who searches for products and services via a search engine to perform a secondary search on YouTube to see if there are any videos or related content about the original search query. Having video content hosted there can increase the likelihood that the browser will decide to convert into a customer. Popular and successful videos can help become a positive and permanent addition to brand equity.

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