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The Beginners Guide to the Growing Vine Trends


Vine with Verve Grapes! (By our own Ana Ferreira)

I’ve had a couple of weeks to play around with Vine, the video sharing application, which being less than a year old has been crawling up the social standings at a rapid pace.

The swift uptake has been fuelled by creative users with the need to share their studio-quality clips on new channels. Large brands like VW, Samsung and Gap have all caught onto this, producing fantastic viral shorts that are captivating audiences and further fertilising the growth of the App.

Obviously, using top creative talent to produce inspiring six second clips is an expensive model, so in a world where ‘time is money’, how can Vine increase the ROI for SMEs?

Vine is in your Hands

Being a free App means no initial start-up costs and it’s available on Android, iOS and Windows devices. That allows any smartphone or tablet user to begin using and sharing videos on their existing Twitter and Facebook accounts – Eadweard Muybridge would be amazed!

Muybridge-StopmotionYour audience will now be open to a new and exciting medium, making it more shareable. You’ll have the recording equipment with you at all times, being able to catch a brief encounter, or patch together a well-planned stop-motion. No need for expensive video and editing equipment!

Know your Vine Hashtags

Hashtags are used globally on multiple social platforms, uniting groups of like-minded users. If you’re unfamiliar with what good hashtags look like, I suggest you have a read of our Knowledge Bank article on #Hashtags.

Another suggestion is to research what is popular and understanding why trending vines are so popular; a great website for that is vineroulette. It gives a visual interpretation of the top vines and perhaps offers possible inspiration. It includes the trending Vine hashtags, a great resource if you plan to piggy back off of recent events’ hype. Vineroulette also allows users to browse through the top vine hashtags of Vine’s extensive collection. With some basic research, you could enter a number of popular hashtags and increase your reach!

Trend and popular

Remember, hashtags increase the reach to potential clients. This is where using your brand name constantly is important – so please add your #Company!

Be Open on Vine

I believe if you’re tweeting, updating Facebook and G+ regularly, your company is already connecting the customers to your status, which is great, but updating Vine is different.

Vine is about being human, transparent and having fun with your audience – take the Chocolate Snowman!

It’s an effective way to attract new leads whilst showcasing your latest products with exciting previews. Introduce new staff with “hellos” or asking customers for a Vine with the accompanying #Company #Product #Review.

While this is happening your company’s creative side is being showcased to existing and potential clients. Bonus!

Finding Talent with Vine

When there’s growth within your company, Vine is the perfect platform to tell followers swiftly and effectively that you have a position available connecting the video to other Social Channels. Include where you’re based and who they will be working with.

New staff hellos

Armed with the correct #hashtags, you could fill the gap without the use of the expensive and intrusive recruitment agencies!

Practice Makes Perfect

Unless you’re George Lucas, your videos are going to look like they’ve been filmed at the wrong angle, there will be lots of movement and you’ll suffer from bad lighting.

All these things that are easy to overcome with a simple phone tripod. Once the camera remains perfectly still, you can improve the angle and the phone will stop automatically adjust white balance.


Creative flair is a must, and this can be practiced and improved! Learn the art of creating a storyboard for your Vine – especially if it’s a stop-motion.

Hit the Vine Traffic

Get to know when you have the most traffic available to engage with, otherwise all that effort will be wasted and your Vine will be lost like a ship in the doldrums. If you have a Facebook page, look at Insights for when users engage.



In just 2 weeks I have become a Vine Visionary, constantly thinking and drawing new ideas, which will ultimately benefit the world I live and work in. With a 1st birthday fast approaching I believe the application will go the distance, even though it still has the fierce competition of Instagram – which I’ve tried and don’t like!

It would be interesting to know what others think….Vine or Instagram?