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Why Marketers need to Discover Snapchat

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 4 years, I have no doubt that you’ve heard of Snapchat, but do you know enough about it? It strikes me that when it comes to this social network you’re on one of two sides. You have ‘Snapchat Super Fans’ who are fully immersed in the App, using it on a daily basis for pleasure and play. Then there are those who simply don’t care about it; to them it’s all about narcissism, selfies and silly (sometimes embarrassing) pictures that supposedly self-destruct after 10 seconds. Essentially, you’re either in or you’re out. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, as a Marketer you need to start getting into it. Snapchat is a very powerful marketing tool opening up a world of potential for consumer brands.

Everyday, Snapchat is used by more than 100 million people around the world, sending over 700 million pictures and video clips, making it more popular than Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Vine and Tumblr among those aged 18-34. In fact, the only social media platforms more popular with this segment are Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, if the millennial subset is your target market it’s vital that you learn quickly how to build an engaged Snapchat audience.


Dozens of leading publishers including CNN, Cosmopolitan and National Geographic are all taking Snapchat very seriously, especially since the launch of Discover, a new section of the App where users can search for content based on news and current affairs. Discover should be the main area of focus for brands who want to be seen to have their finger on the pulse of modern life, with some paying as much as $100,000 a day to advertise alongside the most prolific and relevant publishers.

So now you know it’s kind of a big deal, but what next…

Building a Snapchat community

Snapchatters use a combination of their existing social media channels to build a community. All Snapchat profiles have a unique QR-code, aka Ghost, which can be uploaded as a picture onto pre-existing social media profiles including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where your network can easily scan it with their own Snapchat-app to follow you. This means if you’ve already worked hard to build an engaged audience across other channels, chances are you’ll quickly be able to replicate your communities on Snapchat.

It’s important that brand profiles are made public and have a straightforward and searchable name. The search function on Snapchat is strict in that you have to know the exact name of whom you’re looking to follow. Snapchat search doesn’t give you follower suggestions or forgive typos, so make sure your audience know who they’re looking for.


Creating content that reflects your brand


There are only a handful of edits you can make to on Snapchat content. Users have the option to post pictures or videos as they are, overlay text, or combine both with hand-drawn doodles – some of which can be extremely creative, such as the work by popular Norwegian snapper geeohsnap. The next choice to make is how long should the content be available; anywhere between 1 to 10 second if you don’t add it to your story.

Adding content to you ‘story’ means content can be accessed for the next 24 hours.

So what content works on Snapchat?

The most successful brands create content to share exclusive information with their followers. They’re not obviously trying to sell anything, it’s all about building brand awareness.

PepsiCo Npepsico-norway-snapchat-campaignorway used NHL-stars Mads Zuccarello to give followers exclusive content from his everyday life in NYC and gave fans a chance to win a meeting with the star. During the campaign, Pepsi Max got more than 5000 pictures from fans illustrating how much they love the brand, with Nordic Marketing Manager, Christian Træland stating that he has never experienced so much involvement from consumers before.

Heineken-Snapchat-SnapWho-Coachella-Marketing-CampaignAnother clever engagement tactic comes from Heineken at Coachella, where they sent their audience visual clues hinting at secret performance across the festival at any given point in the day. Fans were prompted to respond with their guess of who the artist was in order to receive early confirmation ahead of other festival-goers. The exclusivity element made this campaign an automatic hit and the talk of the festival.

It’s important for brands not create stories that are too long and complicated. Uploading over 100 pictures and videos every day, however beautiful they might be, will only overload and irritate your audience. In my opinion, the best stories are precise, lasting no more than 100 seconds. We all know the attention span of a millennial is short, so ensure your social media content cuts straight to the point. The whole essences when using Snapchat as a marketing tool is to tell a visual story, with a beginning and an end that will capture your audience’s imagination.

In summary

If millennials are your target market, you should definitely consider using Snapchat as a marketing tool. Start off by creating a clear and precise strategy and integrate it with your unique selling point. Give fans a reason to follow you instead of your competitors, whether it’s ideas on how to use you products in different ways, regular prizes, or hint and tips that they can only find on Snapchat. Use all you existing channels to tell them that your brand or company is on Snapchat. Then start to produce content that your followers want!

Good luck!

The Selfie – An easy tip to improve your social media appearance

Oh another selfie

The Selfie, that small little occupation, is an ultimate textbook example of how something that didn’t even exist five years ago has suddenly become one of the most obvious parts of our everyday internet lives. On the surface the selfie might seem like a crappy and superficial little narcissistic act; a slimy frog that muddies the magical kingdom of The Internet.  But dig a little deeper and you’ll soon see that this little frog has grown to a full-sized, ruling Prince Charming, especially when it comes to content marketing and social media.


With the #SelfieOlympics people have taken the social media art form  to the next level in 2014.

In the beginning, the selfie was best described as:

“a picture, taken with the family’s compact camera, of some dude awkwardly posing in the bathroom. After that being transferred through a very big and clumsy cable into the computer thingy and uploaded to MySpace, looking like a four pixels piece of art.” (Description by Agnes Stenlund, a.k.a. Me).

Old school selfie

But today, the situation is different. Since the concept of the selfie first started the entire meaning and the potential impact that lies in the picture has changed, even though the act in itself remains the same. For starters, today we can actually look up in the Oxford Dictionary the definition of the word:

“selfie: a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” (Very fancy description by Oxford Dictionary).

But today the word “selfie” is not only a word in the dictionary, but also one sharp weapon concerning marketing and social media. I present to you a proposal: Why you should use the selfie as a social media tool.

1.       Get personal in your business.

(NB: I hope that the relevance of a special business account on Twitter or other social platform goes without saying, so I’ll write these tips without explaining that aspect of the approach). A common problem with business accounts is the fact that they easily become a bit biased, which sooner or later can be perceived as spammy. Posting a selfie or two on a business account shows – in a nice, folksy kind of way – that there are regular people working at the company, and that the business isn’t just run by a couple of bots hanging around. Nothing creates trust like the “ordinary person” approach, and the recognition of posting a selfie makes it even stronger.

2.      Make friends.

Back in the glory days of MySpace, the selfie brought an important section of social media to the table. The picture made it possible for people to show others how they really wanted to be, what they wanted to wear and how they wanted the world to see them. Suddenly it became easy to find new friends, people who were like you, and a ground breaking way of socializing was born. Even though a selfie really doesn’t tell people anything more than what you look like, it’s still a good way of getting new connections. By liking someone’s business update you’re basically saying, “Hey, I like your business.” By liking their picture of a donut you’re telling them, “Hey, your donut looks cool.” And by liking a selfie you’re saying, “Hey, you’re cool!” It’s not that hard to see which one is the best way to start a valuable connection.

3.      Get people to join the campaign.

This one is simple. People want to share selfies. They’re looking for an excuse to do it. If you create a social campaign that includes posting a selfie you’re adding one more reason for people to participate, since you suddenly turn the focus from the commercial part in to the person in question. If you’re planning to create a hashtag to get more publicity for your website, try to include a selfie in one way or another and watch it spread. When anyone can post it themselves it’s even better, with no special login, most of the people in your targeting range carries everything they need to participate with them at all times.

Fuck you Putin

The hashtag #fuckyouputin” at the end of January got thousands of Swedes to share selfies where they pointed their finger for the rights of gay people.

4.      Get on trend.

The Turkish Airlines campaign, “Selfie Shootout”,  from December 2013 has received more than 136 million views on Youtube.

I doubt I have to explain this any further, do I?

Google trends selfie

5.      Make yourself look good (not just by choosing the right filter).

If you use the selfie correctly, it can be a way of showing the public your personality, values and skills in a little box. By using the right words, you can make yourself appear exactly as you want to. To choose the right time and place to share the selfie might seem a bit sneaky, but then again, look at it as a part of the business. Wouldn’t you try to spread the best sides of your company in a commercial or advert? That’s how it works, and it’s okay to play by the rules.

So if you didn’t know it before, I’m telling you right now, selfies are very much happening. What’s more, they are so hot right now. If you want to be one step ahead I, as the social pro that I am, would recommend you to embrace videos. After the growing trend of videos on Instagram, vloggers and of course Vine it isn’t hard to see that people love them. To share a short film of yourself saying good morning or cheers is another way to create and portray that sunny and relaxed personality of yours that you want everyone to see.

So let’s combat the wave of working against selfies. Instead, let’s create a society where you don’t have to scroll around someone’s Facebook profile to try to find a decent picture of her or him; a society where you don’t have to persuade your friends that, “he looks better in reality,” and “not at all like the high school picture he’s tagged in”. So, now, my challenge for you guys is to #postmoreselfies.