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How To Find The Keywords For Your Research

How To Find The Key Words For Your Research

Regardless of whether you are selling shoes or a marketing agency, the foundations of your success lie here, in the keyword research.  The keyword search is the one tool that determines what people are searching for and how it relates to your brand. In SEO it is an invaluable tool to help you discover what your customers are searching for. Today any site owner who hasn’t done any keyword research, is really going to miss out! Do you rank for the keyword that is pivotal for your business?

Ranking for the right keyword is the make or break for many companies, Keyword research cuts out a lot of the detective work that will help you discover what people are searching for. Not only does keyword research give you an idea of what people are searching for but actually the language they are using to search as well. A very useful insight when it comes to including these words on your site or blog.

Here’s how to get the best from your research:

  • Identify the landing pages. This is your first port of call when searching for a keyword. Once you have identified what your homepages are then the next step is simple.


  • Rough Keyword Research, this is where you will discover the simplest form of keywords that people will be searching for. Don’t forget to search for the long tail keywords. If somebody is searching for ‘dress’ then you can safely assume they are just browsing. However, if they searched for ‘Stella McCartney Saskia dress size 8’ – here is a customer desperate to buy, as a retailer this is not an opportunity you would want to miss! Long tail keywords are pivotal when it comes to discovering what consumers are looking for, imperative as these days more and more businesses are online and a faster pace of life and the ‘I want it now’ attitude of today’s consumers see online shopping at an all-time high.  If you can find the right search terms that your buyers are using then you have hit the rankings jackpot.



  • Place each keyword in a system such as Google Keyword Checker; this will give you a guide as to the popularity of the keyword chosen. Once you have established the search volume of each keyword then you need to start to weed out the lower volume search words. You can also find out the words that Google ‘hint’ might be a valuable option for you to use as a keyword.



  • The next stage is combining list #2 which consists of all these valuable keywords and establishing who the competition is and where they stand in terms of searches. Look at a list of competitors and search their Meta titles and landing pages for search terms that you haven’t discovered yet.


  • By putting these words through the keyword search again and you can finally draw up a final list of keywords with a good search volume and then checking them against the level of competition and here you have your final list and the start of a successful campaign!


Searching for realistic search terms is as important as discovering the keywords themselves. If you can add a ‘human voice’ to the keywords then this automatically makes them sound more trustworthy, something that a consumer will believe. Without this valuable tool then your site will never gain the ranking you need to be successful. No savvy SEO would neglect the keywords. To get a true impression of what key words you need you have to have an understanding of your site and test and retest the keywords. Be realistic and never forget the power of the long tail keyword and believe in the terms you are searching for. This is the only way you can really get a taste of the true value of a search.