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#ContentMarketingShow | Why people share stuff? Emma Dunn

contentmarketingshow  2014 LondonWhy do people share stuff online? Emma Dunn, Content strategist type at Caliber (@snoopybing), has the answer for that or at least she seems to have the key when it comes to producing good content marketing. These are the highlights from her session.

If we can indentify the following factors, we´ll get luckier when creating amazing content marketing.

  • Social currency: People like sharing things that make them look good.
  • Unexpected: Audiences love sharing things that surprise them and they think will surprise others too.
  • Triggers emotion: As we all know, some emotional triggers work better than others. Ex. Negative emotions such as sadness are less shareable than others like the feeling of surprise.
  • Usefulness: Something has been shared because it has been able to engage some individuals. People share because they believe it could help others and this happens especially with a specific stuff that relates to an especific interest.
  • Identity: Dunn especially highlights this point and that is because people love sharing content that tells about themselves. Remember; It´s important to target especific niches, even if it´s a small audience. In this sense, as content marketers, we should tap into people´s sense of identity (nationality) to park debate and increase shareability.
  • Stories: People likes sharing stories (of course, good stories). We need to use the power of narrative to craft a shareable piece of content.

Summarising…Content marketers are responsible to do things well. This means:

  • If you can make your content exciting and unexpected, you will be helping people to share things online.
  • Provide the audience with a story and appeal to their identity.
  • Entertain your audience with content that elicites emotions such as delight and excitment.