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Social Media Day 2014: Why You Should Care? #SMDAY

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Social Media Day… What’s all the Fuss?

The traditional yearly calendar that we’ve followed from our youths has just seen another annual addition from the States. It’s Social Media Day 2014 and it’s going global!

The social media primed Mashable, a website that gives the “connected generation” all the latest news and info, decided the world needed to celebrate how social we are.

And so on the 30th June 2014 the globe will be tweeting, liking and sharing for the 5th annual celebration to recognise the continual growth of the digital revolution. Meetup’s have been created in almost every large town, city and country.


If you’re unlucky enough not to have one near you, then host your own! Visit Mashable for everything you need to know.

Everyone is Getting Involved

The influence of the #SMDAY has penetrated all company sizes from small and medium sized businesses to large multinationals. In America the number of those in favour grew rapidly, rising quickly to such a figure that it managed to influence the American Government. Governors and Mayors in 3 states and 3 cities have recently signed proclamations serving that the day should be recognised as an official day.


The State of Michigan’s Official Proclamation Source:Mashable

The reasons are pretty obvious. This relatively new technological breakthrough allows people to get heard though text, voice, pictures and video. To communicate locally, nationally and internationally is a modern-day-must when you have a message you want heard!

Yes, social media does get analysed and dissected by the press when it’s misused. Righty so, some material doesn’t deserve to belong in the ‘Social Atmosphere’. But please, take a step back. If we continuously jump on the back of the occasional media outcry for “greater protection” or even ‘blanket-bans’, the service will no longer be a social one.

Humans were born to be social, it just depends the individuals level of interactivity with others. To be honest though, not even I’m a fan of celebrity selfie shots!


#SMDAY does rock…. Thank you boy band member!

The positives obviously outweigh the negatives. Companies can grow from social content; groups can form and your interests can be fed.

The not-for-profit sector is benefiting too. Charities are spreading their message using a multitude of channels. Take Epilepsy Action for example: Socially active on 5 channels, pushing content and making followers aware of advances in medical science, new campaigns and enabling sufferers to belong to a wider group.

Last year saw #SMDAY’s message get bigger in Australia, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka and Brazil.

Larger events will be seen this year at the;

  • Google Campus – Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Inspire9 – Melbourne, Australia
  • W Hotel – Barcelona, Spain
  • Varsity Lakes – Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
  • Kanjokya House – Kampala, Uganda
  • Mashable will be holding its own event in New York City where thousands of participants will be enjoying music, refreshments and networking with the industries brightest sparks.

    Come on England, we’re getting left behind! Let’s sign up, create our own days and celebrate Social Media Day 2014 by sharing, tweeting and pinning…..

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