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SMX London 2012: “Social Shares – The New Link Building”?

I thought I would share the slides from my session today at SMX London, where I spoke on the panel “Social Shares – the new link building”. I was one of 3 panelist on this session and I covered the introduction and how the history of the search engine (particularly Google, well actually only Google but don’te tell my husband) algorithm has changed and how social signals is very much already IN the algorithm. From building your authority (rel=author: check out Ben’s blogpost on how to implement the rel=author tag) to encouraging social shares both day to day and long term. I also very much recommend checking out the slides of my fellow panelist Simon Heseltine and James Carson.

[slideshare id=12955347&doc=smx2012sociallinkdevlisamyers-120516072302-phpapp01]

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