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SES London 2012 – Landing Page Optimisation with Dr Karl Blanks

This will turn you into a landing page black belt

Landing pages are so much more important than we give them credit for. I think this is because it often feels like you are creating them to “fill the gaps” and may feel like you are repeating yourself or re-writing content. In other words, it can be a bit boring!

However, knowing how important landing pages can be for site stickiness and user experience, I went along to hear what Nathan Richter and Dr Karl Blanks from Conversion Rate Experts had to say on the topic. It was day one at the SES London conference and the room was packed out.

I must add, I also took away some good ideas about copywriting for PPC ads from this talk and here you will see how inter-dependent they are.

Confirm and Reassure  

Assuming your user reads a PPC ad on Google, which says you sell 100’s of baseball hats and that you currently have  sale on and offer free shipping, it’s very important that you landing page re-enforces all of these attributes. This could be by using images of your baseball hats and banners or badges which promote your “SALE NOW ON” and your “FREE SHIPPING”. It really does seem very obvious but consumers need those signs that say, “Yes, you are in the right place and our ad was telling the truth, it really is a great deal”. It’s about confirmation, reassuring and inspiring trust.

Badging and Quality Stamping

As with the point above, badging is like a quality stamp and acts to reinforce that the person has found what they were looking for.

e.g. If your user has searched for “Gortex outdoor Jackets” you should display the official Gortex logo somewhere on the page, as well as images of the jackets. This could also include things like “As seen on TV” badges or “Member of official X, Y and Z Organisation”. Again, it’s very simple but reassures the potential customer that you have what they were looking for, the real deal.

Be Accurate and Relevant 

If the search term was “Red baseball hats”, it’s absolutely crucial that the landing page shows your selection of “Red baseball hats”. Of course there is the option to display your other coloured hats here but the emphasis should be on your red hats, in both images, copy and videos. Titles, H1 tags and body copy should all be rich with relevant terms and of course, your keywords.


You SERP description and/or PPC ad should include all the different triggers that turn people on. Some people like to see that they will save money because you have a sale, or free shipping. Others need to feel there is a sense of urgency to buy – “We have a limited stock of X, Y and Z”. Think about what converts different people and make sure to include it all (within reason of course).

Trust Signals 

Things like reviews and star ratings show the user that you are a real company that deals with other real people and that it is safe to do business with you. It doesn’t have to take up alot of space but should feature somewhere near the product or service title.

Communicate Your Success – Bragg – Show Off!

Karl did a great job of this throughout his talk, constantly reminding us why we should listen to him, why we should trust him and of course, why we should buy from him. “When I was a rocket scientist” – “We made them millions” etc

Many of us don’t talk about our success enough, but it’s good to show off and tell people – “I’m great at what I do, look at what I’ve already achieved!”

Did you know Verve Search won the “Best SEO Campaign” award at the 2011 UK Search Awards? Yes, we really did!

Landing Page Optimisation Talk Summary

(See how I re-confirmed what you are reading there?)

It’s often the accumulation of these small things that make great landing pages. Admittedly, it may be some of the less interesting small things but if you want to be fully optimised and have landing pages that reduce your bounce rate, you need to get these small tasks completed!


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