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SEO Training Course

EDIT: GOOGLE has just retracted the accreditation of this course. The course will STILL GO AHEAD but is NOT associcated with Google.  Instead this course is in association with Verve Search and Reed Learning.

I have just been confirmed as the tutor for Reed Learning’s SEO Course this autumn! The SEO training course is run by Reed Learning and is part of their new Google Marketing Academy courses. The courses are accredited by Google and range from Google AdWords, Google Analytics and SEO courses. This is the first time Google has partnered with a training provider to hold courses like this, I’m particularly excited about the fact Google is investing in the education of Search Engine Optimisation and not only PPC and use of Google AdWords. The courses are designed for marketers, web developers and SMEs wishing to get their business noticed online.

SEO course dates:  7th September or 29th October
Venue: London
Price:  £499 for a full day (youcan get 30% off if you book before 31st August, see below)

I’m very honoroud to have been chosen as the tutor for this course and have been spending time this week pulling the course material together. Here’s the SEO Course outline:

Technical optimisation

-          Site Architecture and SEO

-          URL structure (keywords in URL, folders)

-          Canonicalisation and use of 301 redirects

-          Use of sitemaps, robots txt

-          Hosting & Domain

On Page Optimisation

-          Keyword & Competitor research (including tools to use)

-          Keyword mapping

-          Content optimisation

-          Title and meta description writing (making it relevant and optimised)

-          Other on page areas to keyword optimise

-          Updated content

Off Page Optimisation

-          Importance of incoming links

-          Measurements and tools

-          Link development techniques

Using Online PR and Social Media to increase exposure and link equity

Universal Search (local results, video, images and news)

Unethical SEO

Web Analytics and Measurements

If you book before 31st August (2009) you will get


To get the discount quote: E9801 when you book your SEO Course

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