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Search Love London 2012 – Why you should get a ticket

I’m delighted to announce that I’m speaking at Search Love London London 2012. I will be speaking  (for a whole 50 min of Lisa..god help you) on “International SEO – One Size doesn’t fit all!” – how to implement a successful international SEO campaign, from geo targeting (yes there will be href=lang talk) to link development in other countries. I will be sharing examples (both of what works and what doesn’t work).

If you haven’t heard of the Search Love and Link Love conferences series you are missing out. Yes, so Distilled is one of our competitors but “man can they put on a conference”, so when they asked me if I wanted to speak this year, I said “heck yeah”.

I believe Search Love is different to other search conferences that comes to London, first of all, there is only one track (you won’t be in the dilemma of which session to go to), but also each session is one speaker for 1 hour! This means that speakers can actually have time to teach people stuff.  I have been one of 4 speakers on a panel many a times and I barely have time to say “hi” before I have to round it up.

But most of all (and you might think of course she would say this) ,  they really care about the quality of the sessions, and unlike a lot of other conferences, they carefully plan each session with the speakers and go through topics, discuss what people like and don’t like, basically making it the BEST session for YOU. No pitches, no showing off or bullshit, just damn educational – like all sessions should be (but rarely are).

And they won’t let just anyone speak, you don’t pitch to speak at Search Love, you earn it, and the line up is awesome, to name a few:

- Rand Fishkin: If you haven’t seen Rand speak you are missing out (there is a reason he was Rand Linkwalker/Luke Skywalker in the SEO Wars movies I was involved in a few years back). Rand is the CEO of SEOmoz and a truly inspirational speaker. In my opinion Rand is one of the best marketers out there and to top it off one of the of the most modest, hard working, most genuine person. He is a true SEO legend and worth the ticket just to see him speak.  Anyone that says otherwise deserves a punch in the face (and are probably just really jealous they are not equally awesome).

- Will Reynolds: Will is the founder of SEER Interactive. I saw Will speak for the first time at SES New York in 2010, he was A W E S O M E. He can hold an audience, inspire and most importantly teach you something. I spoke to him after his session in New York and was like “you GOT to come to London” the UK SEO community will LOVE you. Although I don’t think that’s why he came to London, ha!

- Patrick McKenzie: Owner at Kalzumeus Software, an engineer by trade then programmer come SEO/marketeer. I’ve never seen Patrick speak but have heard great things about him.

- Justin Briggs: This guy has had so much stick the last year but I think no one can deny he is a truly talented SEO. I don’t really believe that you have to been in the industry for years to be good at SEO, it’s about how you think and implement not how long.  And Justin thinks like an SEO. I’ve referred to his blogpost on link prospecting scraping many a times (including my SES London this year when I spoke on Link Building).

- David Mihm: “The Rand Fishkin of Local SEO” (I’m sure he’s been called that before). David knows his local SEO, He will be sharing all his juicy knowledge on Local SEO, recent algorithm changes and Google + Local. Also a damn nice guy and always happy to share his knowledge and contribute to the community.

- Paul Madden: What he doesn’t know about automation is probably not worth knowing. Apart from being a geinunly nice guy he is also scarily smart guy. Soak up the IQ rays and see him speak.

And of course  Will Critchlow himself (Founder and CEO of Distilled) will also be speaking, and you will get to meet the whole Distilled team.

In addition to an awesome conference speaker & subject line up, Search Love is known for it’s quality networking, everyone gets to hang out with the speakers and other attendees and talk SEO until the cow’s come home (over a pint or glass of wine of course). It will be a truly awesome two days, hope to see you there.

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