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Search Personality of the Year at the UK Search Awards 2011

I attended the UK Search Awards last week with Ciaran Oliver from my team here at Verve Search, we had entered the category ‘Best SEO Campaign’ for the awards and were totally stoked when we WON the category. Little did I know that wasn’t the end of the happy “surprises” that evening. Second to last was the category ‘Search Personality of the Year’. The category didn’t have a shortlist announced and was publicised as just announcing the winner on the evening of the awards. My dear Sam Skywalker (that would make me Obi One Kenobi, whom I always wanted to be, maybe minus the beard) entered me into the awards before he left on his travels down under (also known as Oz). BUT I didn’t for a million years think I would actually WIN this award. Albeit there is video evidence of me somewhere on the net applying lipstick just before they announced the winner (this was in fact just to hide the wine lips rather than preparation for my “winning speech” lol I honestly had no idea).

The lovely Richard Gregory (CEO of Lattitude) presented the category and gave me my award (below), I had to concentrate to keep my mouth closed and not look like a gaping nutter.

I did however do an acceptance speech (don’t know why its called that, it’s not like I would go: no thanks not accepted). As I wasn’t prepared for it, I accidentally swore, snort laughed (I do that when I’m nervous) and bla bla’d like it was no ones business. All around classy speech basically. Although I have had a few weird remarks about my “personality” I would like to point out I don’t think ‘Search Personality of the Year’ doesn’t literally refer to someones personality, I would never have won based on that (I refer back to snort laughing and bla bla).

The official description of the category ‘Search Personality of the Year’ on the Search Awards website is: “Recognition of a talented and inspiring practitioner who has revolutionized the UK search industry” and not “Recognition for getting people laughing at conferences and seminars near you”, although that would be pretty good too, like an ‘SEO Stand Up’. Although I do seem to recall the only people ever laughing at my jokes are Beccy Weeks and Sam (Ciaran isn’t there yet) so maybe a future in SEO Stand Up is not for me.

I did however (finally) get my hands on the entry that Sam wrote for entering me into the awards and that got me all “Halle Berry”. I would like to share parts of the entry with you (seriously Sam deserves a prize for the entry):

“Lisa’s main objective within and outside of the SEO Industry has always had a focus of transparency, leading by example she shares her knowledge willingly and without hesitation. She is passionate about SEO and works hard towards the objective of improving the SEO industry. SEO is not an exact science and there are a lot of opinions within the industry so separating what is good honest SEO advice to bad practise and potentially harmful to a business is key for Lisa. Having started her own agency, Lisa faced the difficulty of being taken seriously and gaining respect from prospective clients because of their previous experiences with SEO agencies that didn’t deliver. She overcame this by educating and building a relationship based on trust, honesty and transparency. Lisa is passionate about the industry not being smeared by the dodgy tactics that some agencies still employ. As a mother of 2 (of which one was born last year) she juggles, parenting, running an agency, blogging and still have the energy to fight for the industry she feels so passionate about.

I first met Lisa in 2007 and she has always been an advocate of demystifying the clouded and negative image a lot of individuals and organisations have about the SEO industry.  Lisa has worked hard to create transparency in the industry and has contributed to numerous best practise publications including B2B Marketing and e-Consultancy (2010 and 2011 respectively) as well as training course and speaking at conferences. Lisa is a firm believer in sharing her knowledge and does not hold back, as she often says “sharing doesn’t give me less clients it proves I know what I’m talking about”. Lisa is a firm believer in karma within business so often goes out of her way to help clients or individuals. A recent example is setting up the Google Places account for her favourite local coffee shop which is struggling for business. Lisa at heart is an educator and trainer and not only have I learnt a lot from her, she also inspires a lot of individuals inside and outside of search, most recently she has become an ambassador at her local university entrepreneurship society where she helps mentor young students.”

I’m genuinely honoured and lucky to be recognised and respected for my efforts within this fabulous industry and most of all very grateful to have such talented people working with me, not only within Verve Search but the blogging teams at State of Search and SEO Chicks and elsewhere on the “tinternet”.

Cheese fest over. Sam: thank you for entering me and writing such a fantastic bio and entry! SEO Industry: thanks for putting up with my stupid humour and slightly overtly direct nature. Cling cling (that’s a Champagne glass btw). Cheers!

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