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We have been so impressed with the creativity of the campaigns Verve Search have produced for us and the coverage it’s achieved. Their dedication to quality and results is second to none. And it shows in the results.
Anders Nilsson, Head of PR and Outreach,

Verve Search’s bold and innovative approach has proven to be a huge success for us time and time again. They regularly exceeded our expectations not only with their creative campaigns and production but also with their forward thinking. They continue to get links from some of the most high-profile sites in the Nordics and we couldn’t be happier with the results!
Anna Stower, SEO Manager

Since we started working with Verve, we’ve been really impressed with how much they’ve been able to achieve. We’re extremely pleased with the results they’ve been able to generate and this has made a significant contribution to our bottom line.
Jon Davies, Head of Marketing,
A Contact Lens Company

Party Casino

While working with Party Casino we launched 3 campaigns over a period of 4 months:

Which actors, directors and studios have made the most profitable movies? We analysed four decades of film data to see what makes a box office hit.


  • Treasured Discoveries

Nearly 1.3 million archaeological finds have been discovered in England and Wales in the last 20 years. We analysed data from the Portable Antiquities Scheme database run by the British Museum, giving users the opportunity to discover what has been found near their home.



  • Beating the Odds

We researched the odds of over 150 events and created a game that tests your ability to compare the odds. For example you’re more likely to die from an asteroid strike (1 in 74.8 million) than win the Powerball jackpot (1 in 292.2 million).



  • Total pieces of coverage: 379 pieces of coverage including:

Forbes, Cheat Sheet,, Fast Company, E-Online , Daily Mail, AOL, New York Post

  • Total Linkscore: 12,259 points
  • Total number of social shares: More than 16,000 social shares
  • Total number of coverage views: More than 2,000,000 coverage views

These are some of the biggest links from national and international publications:


We also had substantial coverage in print, radio and on TV:



We moved Party Casino from page 3 to page 1 for ‘casino’, and 80 positions for ‘blackjack’.  The number of online ‘signups’ by 34% during this period.

After 4 months:

Keyword Search Volume Before After Change
casino 74,000 33 10 +23
blackjack 27,000 >100 20 +80
roulette 18,000 29 20 +9

 Signups were up 34% over the 4 months period.

Here is what the client had to say


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