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New additions to the Verve Search Crew – then they were 21

The past couple of months have just flown by, we have been incredible busy, both in terms of work and recruitment. Which is great, heck we are not complaining. But it means that the introduction of new employees have been rather slow, we have 6 new awesome employees. So without further ado, here’s an introduction to the awesome 6:


Heini Huhtinen
Heini started working at Verve Search in August as our Finish speaking Creative Content Strategist. She is a fantastic writer with an awesome team attitude. Within a week she fitted in “like a glove” and hit the road running, getting her first content placed in her first week.



Agnes Stenlund
Agnes is our Swedish Creative Content Strategist, she started working at Verve Search in October. Agnes has an incredible can do attitude, she’s super smart and a fabulous writer. Look out for some great work from this Swedish power house.


SirenHoleSiren Hole
Siren is our Norwegian Creative Content Strategist, she also started at Verve Search in October. She’s a great listener and deep thinker, with a rare ability to create well thought out written content. A natural writer.



Manil Fernado
Manil started working at Verve in November as SEO Executive. While interviewing Manil we were struck by his amazing attitude and passion for learning. So we set him a very difficult Technical SEO Audit test. We meant for the test to show off his attitude to learning but were pleasantly surprised by the level of detail of his report.

GlenMcMurryGlen McMurry
Glen joined the Verve Search team mid November as our SEO Manager. Having spent 3 years at MEC in London as SEO Account Manager. Glen has a rare ability to stay calm under pressure, combined with a can do attitude. It already feels like he was always part of the team!



Mike Perry
Mike also joined the team mid November as a Creative Content Strategist. He brings with him over 8 years experience in writing, most recently as a research analyst writer. Mike also have a penchant for music, in particularly metal (as you can see from his t-shirt), and is natural born creative thinker, with Verve you could say  :)


We are super excited about 2014 might bring, with some truly awesome clients and employees on board, the world (or at least the SEO world) is our oyster. Welcome to all our new recruits, and bring on 2014!

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