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Ultimate European Search Conferences Guide 2013

Surviving the supposedly Mayan ‘End of the World’ mass hysteria in 2012 and with 2013 already under way, we can finally concentrate on which search events/ conferences to attend or speak this year. But hold up a second … There are so many events going on in 2013; which ones are a DEFINITE MUST ATTEND event and which ones are looking really promising?

Hence, I have been searching through the web and came up with a slight overview of the biggest and most interesting Search- and Social Events in Europe this year. NO shame in sharing, tweeting or bookmarking this page for future reference. ;)

    • SES London (18th to 21st February 2013)


The official conference season 2013 will kick off with the all-time classic & leading digital marketing event ‘SES London’ in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster. During those three days the conference and their numerous talks will focus on a range of topics including SEO, PPC, Social, Content and Conversions.

Big names were announced as the keynote speakers at SES, including Chief Envision Officer Dave Coplin from Microsoft UK; Head of Agency Sales Dara Nasr from Twitter UK and last but not least Founder & Evangelist Marty Weintraub from aimClear.

Nevertheless, many other interesting and creative talks are awaiting you at this year’s SES. Moreover, this is the perfect place to share your opinions with others and get that networking going on!

    • ThinkVisibility (2nd March 2013 & September 2013)


ThinkVisibility, which is located up north in Leeds, features fantastic speakers from the world of Search, Affiliates and Social Media. Many areas from SEO, PPC, and Analytics to Viral Marketing, Public Relations and Usability are covered during this whole day on two different floors. It is a great opportunity to get in touch with several experts from different areas and exchange any ideas or suggestions.

Moreover, ThinkVisibility is celebrating their 5th birthday – so be ready for an absolute treat on the agenda list!

    • Link Love (15th March 2013)


Back to the capital, Link Love provides detailed insights and advanced link building for SEO practitioners in the city of London, in order to advance their skills. Hosted by the Creative Online Marketing company Distilled, this event has all the familiar faces in the Search World in the UK. However, it is quite an effort and astonishing how everything is squeezed into one whole day.

    • ecomTIM (13th to 14th March 2013)

ecom TIM

ecomTIM is a regional event dedicated to e-commerce and a growing conference in Romania. Participants here will receive practical e-commerce advice from leading online commerce speakers. Moreover, the all- time question on how to maximise sales and minimise costs will be and key topic.

    • SEO Conference Bulgaria (22nd March 2013)


This is definitely a nice destination for this one day specialized conference. Held in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, the SEO Conference Bulgaria focuses on SEO, SEM, social networks, and Internet & Advertising. It surely covers a wide depth of areas, allowing visitors to network with useful contacts and to keep updated with the latest SEO trends. Furthermore, this conference will provide you with practical knowledge and solutions for better rankings in the search engines.

    • SMX


The world’s leading search engine marketing conference, Search Marketing Expo (SMX), is being held around the globe from Las Vegas to Sydney. Europe luckily is hosting the SMX in four different countries:

SMX Munich – 9th to 11th April 2013

SMX London – 15th to 17th May 2013

SMX Paris – 6th to 8th June 2013

SMX Stockholm – 14th to 16th October 2013

This two-day event is backed by Search Engine Land and Digital Marketing Depot and includes many interesting speakers. However, the goal at this event is to build your network at this Expo and exchange ideas, in order to influence the industry positively. It is a place where SEO-experts can learn from each other.

    • International Search Summit

international search summit

Similar to the SMX, the International Search Summit is held in four different countries around the world. Munich (11th April 2013) and London (14th May 2013) are the two cities representing Europe. This conference is dedicated to the growing international and multilingual social media marketing. It tackles issues and problems of global marketing campaigns and provides relevant tips and techniques, in order to prevent these mistakes.

Speakers and the agenda are yet to be confirmed for both venues in Europe.

    • Brighton SEO


This FREE one day search marketing conference, which takes place twice a year (12th April 2013 & September 2013) in Brighton, brings together a bunch of known and search related personas. Apart from an interesting agenda, networking is top on the list as well at this event.

If you have missed out on the free tickets for Brighton SEO, it is still possible to acquire a training course place for a certain price. Make sure next time you get your hands on those free tickets in time!

    • A4U Europe (2nd to 3rd July 2013)

expo amsterdam

In the middle of Netherlands’ capital, Amsterdam, A4U Europe is a Europe-wide expo welcomes around 900 delegates to learn and share knowledge to be at the forefront of Digital Evolution. You will come across topics, such as Affiliate, Mobile, E-Commerce, Mobile; and general topics, such as Search, Social and Retargeting. Definitely mark this date … beautiful city and great conference!

Don’t worry though if you aren’t fond of travelling! The A4U makes their way to London on the 16th to the 17th October 2013 as well.

    • SEOktoberfest (24th to 26th September)


The name says it all I guess! SEOktoberfest in Munich doesn’t only celebrate the notorious German Oktoberfest, but brings together 23 internationally renowned SEO- and Online Marketing Experts. It is a smaller group, which allows the attendees to talk and discuss even more openly about the developments in the Search world. Another side fact is that a ticket costs around 5,000 Euros.

    • OMCap (9th to 10th October 2013)


Let’s move over to the capital of Germany, Berlin. The online marketing conference OMCap brings attendees a useful agenda including link development strategies and useful online marketing techniques and a roundup of interesting research materials.

More detailed information to follow!

    • Conversion Conference (23rd to 24th October 2013)

conversion conference

Turn more clicks into Customers – The main slogan of this year’s Conversion Conference in London says it all. This conference is dedicated to all people, who are aiming on achieving maximum ROI from their online campaigns. Here you will come across a lot of clever and great speakers on conversion rates and how to improve sales.

    • Search Love (28th to 30th October 2013)

search Love

Search Love is a two-day single tracked conference hosted by Distilled brings speaker together, allowing to learn the latest SEO techniques; gain insights to inventive strategies & provides the attendees with powerful advice to implement into their own business. Many networking relationships can be built at this event as you will recognize many familiar faces throughout this conference.

    • eMetrics


eMetrics has e big followership hosting events mainly in the USA and Europe and offering a full on agenda on digital analytics and marketing optimization. The main cities in Europe include:

eMetrics Stockholm – 14th to 15th October 2013

eMetrics London – 23rd to 24th October 2013

eMetrics Berlin – 4th to 5th November 2013

More detailed information to follow!

    • Content Marketing Show (November 2013)

content marketing show

This FREE one day conference in London is exclusively dedicated to all content marketing interests. The Content Marketing Show allows everybody to share their lessons and meet other content marketers. BE AWARE that last year the free conference tickets sold out in less than five minutes!

You can say this year will be eventful and busy. However, I can’t wait for the interesting speakers to stun us with amazing talsk and sharing their great knowledge and quotes with us. Before I finish it off, I’ve got one more MUST ATTEND event for you:

    • Meet Up London (20th March 2013)

The next meet up will be on the Google Campus about Entrepreneurship and Content Marketing, including our CEO of Verve Search Lisa Myers as one of the speakers. You don’t want to miss out on that ;)

If you want to add any other interesting European Search Conferences, feel free to leave them as a comment below :)

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One thought on “Ultimate European Search Conferences Guide 2013

  1. Jindrich Faborsky

    I would love to attach Marketing Festival to this list as one of the biggest online marketing conferences in all Europe with 22 world-class speakers from all around the world including UK. There will be people from MozCon, Distilled, Kissmetrics, Google,, …
    And Workshops.
    And Afterparties.
    And Concerts.; 22.-23. 11. 2013, Brno, Czech Republic