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Love Week at Verve is back!

“When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.” –Betty Bender

Last week, Verve Search celebrated Love Week for the second time round and it was more exciting than ever! On Monday morning, each one of us drew a person’s name out of a hat and became their ‘secret angel’ for the rest of the week, where we had to do something special for them anonymously.


Josie, Manil & Matt enjoying their Day 1 presents!

Vishen Lakhiani, CEO and Founder of Mindvalley came up with the idea back in 2010 and shared his vision to make the world a more loving place during Love Week. Think about it…love leads to appreciation, which leads to happiness that eventually boosts productivity in the workplace!


Looks like Mike’s secret angel was super creative!

We couldn’t agree more; Love Week filled the Verve office with positivity, creativity and happy energy. It also motivated many people to pick up some new skills and experiment with making funny photo-shopped pictures, creative vine videos and even origami! Cupcakes, chocolate and tea were some of the gifts, with some secret angels even preparing a special breakfast delivered to their loved one’s desk!


Gin, Chocolate, Biscuits & Tea! Everyone’s grinning!

If you like the idea but not sure how to apply it in your office, then here are some steps to organize your very first Love Week:

  1. Add everyone’s name to a hat
  2. Have everyone draw names at random
  3. The name you draw is the person you’ll be a secret angel to
  4. As a secret angel you should pamper, treat and surprise the person all week
  5. Keep it a secret (Duh)! Don’t tell the person you’ve picked that you’re their angel
  6. Reveal the secret the following week where everyone can share the gifts they got
  7. Document the week! Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Everyone becomes a Photoshop pro during Love Week!

Everyone becomes a Photoshop pro during Love Week!

Here at Verve Search, we celebrate Love Week every 3 months, so we’ll be reporting back to you in November with yet another happy week! Meanwhile, if you haven’t organized a Love Week in your workplace before, please do so and fill us in, we’d love to hear all about your experience!

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