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Lisa Ditlefsen – Interview by Searchcowboys

Bas van den Beld from Searchcowboys interviewed me (Lisa Ditlefsen) at SMX London (Nov 2008), a few months later and I was part of the searchcowboys blogger crew. For more interviews like this visit SEO Roadshow.

Me and Bas talks about European search, how it is and likely future developments.

SEO Roadshow interview: Lisa Ditlefsen from NetTraject on Vimeo.

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4 thoughts on “Lisa Ditlefsen – Interview by Searchcowboys

  1. Slideshow Mechanic

    Hey Lisa,

    Great to see you’ve moved on and you certainly seem to be doing amazing stuff.

    You probably wont remember me. I used to be the web manager for JLT.

    i love what you are doing and there is a strong chance that I will be contacting Verve Search in the comming months for some SEO expertise!

    Take it easy!

  2. Lisa Ditlefsen Post author

    Hi Bradley,

    Of course I remember you!

    So you have moved into the health care industry. Yes do contact me if you need any SEO expertise. Would be great working with you again.


  3. Joanna Butler

    Great interview Lisa – especially agree with what you said about educating clients and there not being enough women in SEO. You’re right about the latter having a lot to do with confidence. But then men are adept at using technical jargon, whereas us women tend to prefer to explain things in plain English. Not a bad thing either way, just means that us women perhaps aren’t showing off our SEO knowledge as well!