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Interview – Lisa Myers

This month, I was profiled in Sage Pay’s Moving Money magazine, which is quite exciting in itself. But in addition to interviewing me they also sent a Photographer; Will Amlot to do the photography to go with the profile.  To be honest, I thought this would be a guy with his camera just quickly snapping a few photos, boy was I wrong, Will and his assistant rocked up with two crates of photography equipment and rigged up in the communal area of our offices. I must admit I quite enjoyed the photo session, and I loved the “oh so forgiving” camera lenses even more. Will was fabulous and made me feel quite at ease. In addition to all the photographs he also did this video interview with me; about setting up my own business and general chat about the search industry. As usual it didn’t take me long to get me ranting about Search and business.

So for anyone that is remotely intrested in my ramblings, here’s the video:

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