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Interview Lisa Ditlefsen – Universal Search

Last month I attended and spoke at two panels at SES London (Search Engine Strategies Conference). My first panel was on Universal Search, after the session I spoke to Byron Gordon from SEOPR about what Universal Search is and what a great potential optimising for Universal Search can be. It’s a typical Lisa interview, where I wave my arms alot and talk way too fast.

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2 thoughts on “Interview Lisa Ditlefsen – Universal Search

  1. Teifion

    It was a really good talk that you gave at SES and though you probably talked too fast for most of the people in the room I understood it just fine (even though I didn’t know what Universal search was at the start of the talk).

    I must say that the picture of the video before I click play is amusing, you appear to have a horrified look on your face :P

    1. Lisa Ditlefsen Post author

      Ha! Yep the image still of the video is hilarious, I look scared.

      Thanks for the comment Teifion and for watching the video, I haven’t been able to watch it all yet, cringe. Nothing scarier than your own voice :)