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Google retracts accreditation of SEO Course

A few weeks back I was confirmed as the tutour for Reed Learning’s new SEO Course starting this autumn. I was excited and honoured, especially since the course was included in Reed Learning’s new  Google Marketing Academy series. The Academy was promoted both by Google and Reed Learning, all material on the website and supporting documents like a PDF about the Academy included the SEO Course.

BUT, today I was told I need to remove all mention of Google accrediting this course as there seem to have been a “misunderstanding”, Google don’t want to be associated with any SEO courses and didn’t agree to endorse this course as part of the Google Marketing Academy.  Silly us, we must have imagined it all. Sarcasmn aside, Google says no and we all have to abide, whether they previously agreed or not.


The Reed Learning SEO Course is STILL going ahead BUT let there be no further misunderstandings, there is no association with Google for this particular course, they only endorse the Google AdWords and Google Analytics courses. Instead the SEO Course will now be in association with Verve Search and Reed Learning. The good news? This means I no longer need to restrict the information I give, I can share more!

I’m still very much looking forward to holding this course, even if it is without Google’s blessing. The first 1 day SEO course starts on Monday 7th September, to book SEO Course

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2 thoughts on “Google retracts accreditation of SEO Course

  1. Brett Pringle

    Definitely in line with the SEO side of the course. Down here in SA the AAA Marketing academy started a course aimed at Google AdWords which Google supported, but definitely because it’s soley at AdWords, no SEO involved.

    But as you said, no restrictions now, more info for attendees :)

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