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Goodbye Dear Google Keyword Tool – Welcome Google Keyword Planner

The time has officially come for the good old Google Keyword tool, which was used by SEO professionals and PPC Ninjas. You can say that the reception of the community has been mixed. 
But Peter’s tweet just spoke out of my soul: ‘The new Keyword Tool is like a new step-parent, that is simply harder to love.’

Google AdWords  Keyword Planner

Google themselves have explained the new Keyword Planner as a combined masterpiece of the Keyword Tool and the Traffic Estimator.  However, they have added some new functions, such as more lenient and detailed geographical segmentation and the ability to combine geographical regions.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool1.png  1263×946

Anyways what has changed? First of all, I don’t want to sound like an annoying hater, but one change is that you will be forced to login to an AdWords account to access the Keyword Planner. Hence, it is more targeted towards PPC advertisers, although you won’t have to advertise anything to use Keyword Planner.

Nevertheless, the Keyword Planner doesn’t have different match types (Phrase, Broad, Exact) anymore for search volumes, because they are only displayed in exact match from now on. Furthermore, there is no device targeting function and no global vs. local monthly searches column. Oh yeah and before I forget – the filter option ‘closely related’ for search terms is gone as well. Yeah, there is no more option to get closely related terms to the keyword you entered. However, according to Google this will be brought back in the following weeks.

Google AdWords  Keyword Planner5

Another thing Google has mentioned, was that the average search volume data will be higher in the Keyword Planner as to the exact match search volume data you got with Keyword Tool. This results due to the addition of average searches for a keyword on all devices (desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones, and tablets) as compared to the Keyword Tool, which only showed you the average search volume for desktop and laptop computers only. Hence, no more broken down search volumes by devices!

So what else … YES, you are able to upload up to 10,000 keywords from their own list to get performance data. The Keyword Planner will show you search volumes by ad group, landing page and any other categorisation, which can be chosen by you – the user himself. This will help local SEOs to get detailed insights of keyword search volumes up to city level.

As mentioned before, you won’t find the local monthly searches and global monthly searches column, which has been replaced by the ‘Average monthly searches’ column. This single search volume data are specified to your targeting settings and allows you to receive data for a whole country or even for any individual city/region within a country. However, you’ll be able to get global monthly searches by simply targeting all locations.

Other columns we know and appreciated, which have been changed or removed:

  • The Ad Share column has been renamed to ‘ad impression share’, which will help you get potential impression figures.Google AdWords  Keyword Planner2
  • The Approx. CPC column has been renamed to ‘Avg. CPC’, which will offer you more accurate data on the average cost-per-click.
    Google AdWords  Keyword Planner2
  • The Google Search Network column has been replaced by the network option within the targeting settings. You will need to tick off the ‘Google and search partners’ box in the targeting options, in order to get data for the entire Search Network.
    Google AdWords  Keyword Planner3 
  • Local Search trends don’t appear on the new interface anymore, but you’ll be able to get search volume trends when you hover over to the icon in the ‘Avg. monthly search’ column.
    keyword tool 4 
  • Search Share – Has been removed – RIP 

It feels like a sudden drop of hope when you see the new Keyword Planner and reminisce about the good times with the Keyword tool. However, Google surely has more gimmicks and functions held up their sleeves, which will launch in the near future.

Hence, don’t just start to hate it, because everybody hates it! Take your time and have look through all the functions and start using it for a while. You will see many advantages, which will help your keyword research! We all know changes in life are quite hard, BUT don’t we sometimes appreciate these changes in latter stages? ;)

Make sure you check out our step by step guide on how to use the new Google Keyword Planner – that set piece will definitely break the ice between you and the Keyword Planner !

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