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How to get your content noticed

How do you share the content love?  How will people find your blog post? How will they even know your writing exists?


In an ideal blogger world you’d write an awesome article, post it on a blog, sit back and wait for people to start sharing the love. Alas it doesn’t matter how awesome your content is, if you don’t have anyone reading your work and sharing it then you may as well just save it to your hard drive and leave it there.

As we sit behind our screens it’s easy to forget that there’s a world full of living, breathing people out there. The biggest mistake to make is to not communicate with them.  As children we’re always told to never talk to strangers, but now these strangers are the best connections for business.  It pays off to write a good email introducing yourself and your content but don’t just rely on email. Why not build up the trust on other platforms?

Twitter and the wonder of the #hashtag

Twitter is one of the platforms that provides one of the quickest ways of getting your content shared. It’s instant and there’s the potential to have your awesome written work go viral. #Hashtags are a great way to widen your own network and bring your content to the attention of like-minded people or those who are searching for content just like yours.

Attaching a #hashtag is a no brainer – just make sure yours isn’t currently being used in an inappropriate manner. Make sure the #hashtag is short and sweet – most importantly that it reads well.  Who can forget Charlie Sheen’s epic #winning. It was a winner! A not so #winning example was #nowthatchersdead which went viral after former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher passed away. However, singer Cher had a job on her hands when people thought that it was she who’d kicked the bucket instead.

So beware how you compose your #hashtag and ultimately leave behind overused hashtags like #yolo and #ootd. It’s not unique and using it would be an epic #fail on your part.

Trends and how to stay on top

As seasons and events change you need to keep one step ahead of the game. Look at what’s trending, seek out forthcoming events and occasions that are likely to have a #hashtag.

Let’s take the hashtag, #fathersday as a classic example (it’s coming up next month btw, 15th June if you forgot). All the big brands, from restaurants to florists (yes, men like flowers too y’know), are all using #fathersday to sell their wares.

Sharing is caring as long as it’s to the right people

Sharing your work on your own Twitter feed is all very well but it limits who happens to see your post at the time and of course how many followers you have. The simplest strategy that many brands, agencies, bloggers etc. use is a competition to win a product or prize. The key components to do this is a great prize, low barrier entry and keeping it simple as well as that all-important #hashtag.

The rewards of RTs

By conducting a simple search of a #hashtag you’ll find businesses and people who are already talking about the same subject. Retweet your content to them by including their Twitter handle. Definitely do this if they have a large following so you can hopefully create instant shares and more retweets!

Seek out other social media platforms

Of course Twitter isn’t the only platform that is great for sharing. Facebook and Google+ all have their own unique qualities. With Facebook, remember it can often be seen as presumptuous to just paste on someone’s wall – nobody likes spam.  Use messenger as a way of bringing your content to their attention individually – a little bit of flattery can go a long way. This tactic also allows them to share it on their wall if they choose to do so. Here you will also have to work in the charm factor with your message. You can also use the cheeky #hashtag on Facebook too.

G+ is probably the platform that will allow you to target your content to a concentrated amount of people in a particular hangout or circle that will have an interest in it. This has scope to get your content noticed by those who will have a vested interest in what you want to share and this will provide a link from your circle to their circle and from their circle out to others and so the ripple effect occurs.

So there is more to the world of link building other than posting your content and leaving it behind. Clever sharing is the way to get your content maximum likes and made worthwhile. So go on and #share.

Hashtag Image: petit_louis , Flickr CC

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