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Facebook Hashtags – What’s Up With That? #areyouserious

For ordinary people it could be a useless gimmick, a copycat attempt of the Twitter hashtags, or even the best days for people, who love to hashtag … I’ll admit it, I do count to this sort of people! #awkward

However, in a Business position point of view – what advantages or disadvantages does it bring for a digital marketer, and are there any SEO friendly implementations that can be used for an epic upcoming social campaign?

Let’s dig deeper and see why Facebook introduced hashtags and how us digital marketers can make a positive impact with our business or our client’s product/service.

The story begins …

It’s the 12th of June 2013 – I was just about to put up my super awesome Facebook status including some weird – but obviously funny – hashtags, when the hashtag suddenly turned blue. After posting my status, I was able to click on the hashtag, which opened up a results page with people or pages posting statuses using that specific hashtag.

facebook hashtags


childhood fbh

In general, Facebook tries to make it easier for users and customers to talk about or communicate with their favourite organisation/brand. For instance if you want to see who else is referring to Nandos (I freaking love Nandos!), just type in the new Graphic Search Bar #nandos. You will immediately see a category called Hashtags in the dropdown menu, which will get you to the page where all the post and pictures are sorted with #nandos – Yeah, Twitter all over again! ;)



Facebook Hashtags for Businesses

You see it is pretty much a big game changer for brands trying to gain awareness and potentially new customers via Facebook. These hashtags will allow companies to interact with clients and other prospective clients initiating appropriate discussions on Facebook. I reckon, this will have a much more positive impact than just throwing randomly Facebook ads at users.  Coincidence or not, but Facebook has actually started to cut down on its advertising apps and sponsored stories. You don’t want to build up a gap between yourself as the brand and potential clients with annoying and irritating sponsored posts for average users.

Alright, what is the benefit of using hashtags for businesses? Let’s say that you are planning to launch something awesome or running an event. Including a hashtag will allow you to place yourself directly to your target audience. You won’t even need to use the new Graph Search, in order to get any valuable demographic data anymore.

Moreover, you’ll be able to interlink your hashtags with other social media platforms, such as Twitter or Instagram. Hence, if you post anything on Twitter and/or Instagram account and share it on Facebook, the hashtags will be clickable and searchable on there from now on (Check out the Screengrab below). Biggest plus point: It will be possible to schedule bulk status updates for all platforms if you are struggling for time – Time Saver Alert!!!


However, be careful and don’t exaggerate with hashtags all over the place – you don’t want to use Facebook like Twitter or Instagram. The hashtags are still a new born baby on Facebook, so you won’t have any way to search for trending topics YET. Moreover, I don’t think you can be as emotive or expressional on Facebook as on Twitter or Instagram. Hence, it is vital to think of different ways to use hashtags, in order to make the most out of it.

Facebook Hashtags and SEO

You wouldn’t say no to any “”free” discovery tool helping your business to be found on a social media platform, in order to get more potential customers interested. The hashtags on Facebook won’t function exactly the same way like on Twitter and Google+. Google isn’t able to squeeze out literally every part of information from Facebook as it does with Tweets or Google+, because it doesn’t have any ‘trending topic’ filter yet or users can still hide their statuses with the privacy settings. This way if you use a hashtag with the ‘Private’ privacy setting on, your post won’t appear on the actual results page – Very annoying, when researching for your target audience.

Facebook hashtags will play an important role in SEO and online promotions, because hashtags encourage brands and businesses to reach out and engage with clients or potential customers. Making them interested about the brand is the first step to success – brand awareness right there! In a SEO point of view this can be done with providing those customers with interesting and relevant content, which will appear in the results page for hashtags – if they read it and click on your page … that’s all it needs!

So remember: The content is still the most important part, not the hashtag – poor quality content and I’ll be bouncing off to your competitor’s page!

Major Takeaways:

  • Search for any specific hashtag from the new Graphic Search Bar
  • Create posts with hashtags, which appear on the hashtag feed and on the search results page
  • Hashtags on Facebook just started out – many updates will roll out , such as “trending topic” and maybe start monetising for sponsored posts with hashtags
  • Hashtags originated from other services, such as Instagram or Twitter, are clickable now


Will you consider Facebook hashtags in the near future in your social campaign?


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