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Everything really IS awesome!

Do you ever have one of those days where you go online and everything just seems so downbeat? It can be a faceless world where anyone and everyone can broadcast their opinion, whether it’s positive or negative, without any concern for the impact their words have on others. To be quite frank, we’ve had enough of it…

iggy-britney-spears-everything-is-awesomeHere at Verve HQ, we believe a happy team is a more productive team, so we wanted to do something to make the web a more awesome place to search and surf. Inspired by the song ‘Everything Is Awesome’ from the Lego movie, we built a browser plug-in for Google Chrome which trades swear words and profanities for the word ‘awesome’ – written in rainbow letters. Obviously.

We love working on small side-projects whenever we have the time; they help test our capabilities and allow our creative juices to flow in all kinds of awesome directions. Besides, we’re all huge fans of Lego…come to our offices if you don’t believe us, you’ll find piles of colourful bricks and creative constructions. Having said that, we’ve actually had to put a ban on the humming of the ‘Everything Is Awesome’ tune – it’s just too addictive. far, this little gem of a plug-in has gained us some truly awesome coverage from publications including Mashable, The Huffington Post, and The Express, amongst others. We were also delighted to see that Apple Marketing legend, Guy Kawasaki, is a fan!

This free plug-in was designed with you in mind. We hope once you’ve downloaded it you’ll find the internet to be a happier, much more awesome place to browse.




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