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DMSLDN 2013: Best content tips from digital marketing professionals

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Everyone knows (or at least should know)  that these days, engaging content is the key to successful digital marketing. However, creating awesome content and getting it viral is often easier said than done. Throughout the final day of a three-day Digital Marketing Show at ExCel Campus in London l listened to a bunch of professionals working with online content to share their views on content marketing. Here are, in my opinion, their best tips on how to create and pitch content that gets across.

Nichola Stott on how to plan and scale you content marketing:

  • Create an editorial calendar and utilise  public and religious holidays, major TV and other media dates, product releases dates and relevant awareness dates. Right timing with your outreach can make a major difference.

Joe Edwards on how to avoid the common fails in content marketing:

  • Don’t forget to repurpose. Marketers usually love shiny new things but the sad fact is that new things become old – you need to be able to use already existing content in a new way. Don’t just copy and paste, think of a way to really change it. This could be a tone of voice or medium for example.
  • Be happy with OK. You don’t necessarily need a massive budget and huge resources for great content, sometimes a very simple thing can work. Stop chasing for perfection, capture the moment and just push it out there!

Hugh Jackson on how to get noticed online:

  • The simple truth is this: You need to write something worth reading about or do something worth writing about.

Brian Ahearne, Adam Cranfield and Jon Bernstein on how to get your content noticed by journalists and how to attain media coverage:

  • Think like a journalist. React to breaking news, understand the deadlines and critical times for journalists.
  • Journalists want content that helps them to tell a story. Don’t think about your company or your brand, think about how your company fits in the story.
  • Sometimes you need to bypass the journalists and create a buzz in social media first. Eventually, it will grab mainstream media’s attention too.

Geraint Holliman & Eoin Rodgers on how to make your content epic:

  • Content may be king, but context is god. Content doesn’t sit in a vacuum, it needs to be brought to the right environment and amplified in social media.
  • Think like a publisher not like an advertiser. If you talked to people the way they talk in advertising, they would punch you in the face. Publishers know what customers want to hear and create content according to that. Be helpful and try to solve their problems.

Nick Garner on the practical framework for content marketing:

  • Content marketing is all about answering the unanswered questions of customers.
  • It’s not so much about what you say but what other people say about you. Try and get yourself mentioned in user reviews and on relevant sites.

Faye Hawkins on the challenges in content marketing:

  • Marketing is no longer about selling. You need to take people on a journey, not try to make them buy things.

Andrew Scherer on reaching young people online:

  • Internet should be a playground, not a library. Sometimes it is ok to post cute pictures of kittens even though they might have nothing to do with your company.

So there you go.



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