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Create new and great content by recycling

Recycle contentHow many times have you struggled in front of a blank page thinking about writing new content for your blog? Let´s be honest. We writers are not  supermen or superwomen and sometimes we need some inspiration. So, let´s change the plan by trying to forget “those new ideas” for a while and focusing on what has already been done. French king Louis XIV once said “There´s nothing new under the sun”, and I kind of agree. In terms of content, this expression makes a lot of sense and forces us to consider key aspects such as the angle and, of course, our own style.

Here you have 5 ways to create new content using old material:

1. What are people talking about? It is always useful to have a look at what is worrying people and keeping them busy in popular culture. Find out what your friends like, be a detective around social network interactions or visit those awesome blogs run by smart writers. Remember, you can talk about what they are talking about, just don’t say the same things they say.

2.Update your older posts.  Take a tour around your collection of previously written posts. You’ll see how much information can be updated from the time you wrote it, to now. We constantly renovate things in our life (homes, clothes etc.), so why shouldn’t we do the same with our online stories? Finding updated content on the server is definitely important in the online world. The good news is that by doing this, your blog will become more relevant, as it will be storing more information about your specific topic.

3. Mix up the format. Sometimes we writers think we can only be creative “on paper”. But let´s think about new horizons! Have a go with new formats such as videos or infographics. You can always turn your content into something more visual or audiovisual, you´ll be surprised how differently the same information comes across in a different format. It´s never too late to learn new things!

4.Top 10 things. Comparing 5 or 10 different posts about a specific topic can also give you the chance to show the readers your previous work. You can sum up the advantages or disadvantages between old entries or just detail your “5 top posts about Spain”, if, for example, you normally write travel.

5.Release your greatest hits. Have you ever thought about doing a “greatest hits” of all your best posts? Turning some of your old posts into an e-book is also a good way to promote your work on the server and it could also be an awesome souvenir for yourself! Try sites such as Slideshare where people will be able to download your work and read it without needing an Internet connection.


Remember that content ideas are endless. Be smart, recycle old ideas, play with the angle and, above all, open your mind to new challenges that will give you more exposure while making the most of your content and ideas.


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