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#ContentMarketingShow Morning Session Roundup

Here are my key takeaways from the morning session of the #ContentMarketingShow 2014

1. Can a brand ever truly be social? by Stephen Waddington

Steve gave an emotive talk on how best to engage with a brand’s audience, by using recent examples of companies nailing engagement with their customers.

  • Be empathetic when communicating with your audience by using personal forms of communication.
  • Do not use insensitive hash-tags!
  • Be engaging with posts. Ask questions, create interesting posts and most importantly follow up when they respond.
  • Be brave when communicating. Use what’s trending and then try to use that as inspiration to engage with your audience. Here’s a great example of Trek America doing just that.
  • Remember that you’ll get the best results from social media communication  when you treat it like human communication
  • Be careful when using automation in social media, Keep a watchful eye on all communication if you go down that road.

Good Example: O2 communicated with their audience bravely when their service happened to be down, they responded by being honest and timely.

2. How to use data for your content strategy by Johary Rafidison

Jo Jo as he refereed to himself gave an enthusiastic presentation on why and how data is your best friend when creating a content strategy.

  • All the data you need is already at your disposal. Such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights etc.
  • Use that data to formulate a plan.
  • A key thing to remember about social media is not to always trust what people say. ” Trust what people do, not what they say” that is why analysing the data will give you the best indication on how people are interacting.

There are great tools at your disposal such as:

  • Gephi: Social network visualiser. it allows you to analyse link networks, social network connectivity and allows you to a get a visual representation of engagement of a traditionally very linear set of data.
  • Carto DB- Similar to Gephi, it allows you to get a sense of the where your audience is engaging from, location-wise.

3. Content Marketing Yearbook 2014: Highlights and Low-lifes by Fergus Parker

Fergus talked about the highs and lows of content marketing in the past six months.

  • Interesting to know that 48% of content marketers who are conducting their own content marketing wrong. That is staggering and shows how hit and miss it really can be.
  • Top tips is to create an emotional connection.
  • Tap into your audience self beliefs.
  • Be relevant with content.
  • And most of all ‘Be authentic!’

Bad Example: #myNYPD

The NYPD asked their audience to share positive photos of the NYPD interacting with the locals of the people of New York. However they forgot to realise that they don’t have a loving audience and this hash-tag backfired in an epic fashion.

Good Example: Mother’s Day Dream Car 

Ford created a video of their car designers asking young children to design a car for their mothers. What resulted was creative, imaginative and loving creations that helped create a connection between the video and the audience. The very key thing they did right was to create an emotional connection.

Overall, it was an interesting morning session with a lot of great tips on how to achieve effective content marking. Looking forward to the afternoon session! 

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