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#ContentMarketingShow: It’s Not Just About the Written Word

“We all fall into the trap of thinking Content Marketing is just about written content, on a page. But today, we’re going to learn something mind-bending and amazing.” ~ Kelvin Newman

Content Marketing Is: Video and The Power of Stories

Contentmarketingshow 2014

  • A few years ago, businesses couldn’t see the value of video. But then, something special happened. The universe intervened. YouTube. happened. Mobiles got faster. Our video marketing business took off. We started making videos for HSBC, Unilever. Our company evolved. Our clients needed help. 
  • This is the hero’s journey. Think Star Wars. Again.
  • The hero’s journey distills the story and connects with us on a base level. 
  • Film is the most efficient way of communicating stories. People don’t need to use their imaginations. Film does it for them. 
  • Statistics show you only have 10 seconds to capture the viewer’s attention (when using video marketing). 
  • The Hero’s Journey: Journey. Death. Return. – It works. 
  • If you want to get seen, you want to use social media to get your content out there. Especially for the people who aren’t actively looking for your content. 
  • Viral videos often use archetypes – Journey. Death. Return. – The Hero’s Journey.
  • Think Old Spice. I’m on a horse.
  • Brands and businesses need stories NOW more than ever
  • To tell stories, you need the right technology.

Video Marketing Tips from the #ContentMarketingShow

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