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Content Outreach – It’s All In The Angle.

Content Outreach has always come across as one of the parts of SEO that is very formulaic, writing articles and getting them posted. Is it that simple?  You may find you get more success by using your content wisely and taking on a more intelligent approach to link development. It is one thing to write really good quality content but if you aren’t pitching it to the right people then your efforts and good intentions will be wasted.

The more authoritative sites want good content, they want fresh content, to achieve this take a look at who your article is aimed at. Is it compelling? Does the title make the reader want to carry on? If the Blog Editor wants to read your article then so will the audience and then the links will follow.

When writing fashion based content for example, there is a rise in the fashion blogger whose site mainly consists of photos of the outfits they are wearing and products that they love. That doesn’t mean that you have to go for the lower ranking sites. Changing the angle of your article is the best way to get around this issue.

As a content writer, I found success with sites that have a good authority, by simply focusing on how my content can be used with a novel approach. Sites with fashion bloggers who blog just about the things they like won’t be interested in your articles, but the list is endless as to who you can approach instead. For example a link about fashion doesn’t just have to go on clothing sites. Taking a wider approach and looking at situations where clothing is one of the key components in situations the site deals with is an effective method. Some sites that have proved useful are Relationship sites, Teen Magazines and sites aimed at the more mature reader, all are very differing and not an obvious place to put an article based around fashion, but if you are clever with your creative content then you can make it fit in with their genre.

Another example is taking a niche subject and writing an intelligent article about it. You can place an article about dresses from the 1920’s complete with links onto a museums blog or a special interest site. If the audience want to read your article then the links will follow.

Don’t just include links to your clients’ site but also to other authoritative sites (not competitors of course), for example:

If you write about “top tips for a vintage style wedding”, one link might go to a TV show like Downton Abbey and then the next might go to your clients’ site, like this:

“The recent series of Downton Abbey is a great source for vintage dress inspiration”.

This creative use of SEO is far more appealing to web editors and a lot more palatable for the reader, with content outreach it is all too easy to forget that we have the world, quite literally, at the end of our fingertips. If your content is interesting, your audience will want to read on. Intelligent content outreach right there. Simple really.


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