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Challenge: #SantaFactor best score by end of week wins a Kindle Fire

The Verve Search team challenges YOU to get the best #SantaFactor score by the end of the week, that’s Friday 13th December (lucky for some) and YOU can WIN a Kindle Fire!

Verve Search created this game for Expedia this Christmas. It’s an old-school 90s type game, with the seemingly easy premise of delivering all the presents to the featured European countries in time for Christmas. But there is a strategy to the madness; Santa has to remember that some countries celebrate Christmas on the 24th and some on the 25th of December. The order of delivery matters to the score! Just saying.

What you have to do in 2 easy steps (well the game isn’t that easy though):

1. Play the game, just click the image below: #SANTAFACTOR

2. At the end you get your total #SantaFactor Score + you get to upload yours and some friends faces to the final image (my husband was Rudolph in my picture). Share the picture on Facebook using the hashtag #SantaFactor OR Share your score on Twitter (with a screen grab of the final score, we want proof!) and @VerveSearch + #SantaFactor

Ready Steady Go #SantaFactor!

Terms & Conditions: Only 1 winner, if several people get the same top score we will do a random draw of the winner. Challenge closes on Friday 13th December 2013 at 4:55pm. The winner will be announced on Friday 13th 2013 at 5pm on this Blog + Verve Search’s twitter profile. The Kindle is the NEW 7″ Kindle Fire HD Tablet 8GB. The competition is not open for Verve Search employees as we have a unfair advantage at being Master SantaFactor players :)

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