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A Guide to Social Media Etiquette

Good manners cost nothing and that applies to the online world too... Social media plays an incredibly important part in your business brand’s identity. Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have a large community outreach, and failure to understand the correct etiquette for these... More


How to use hashtags #

The hashtag had its first appearance in August 2007 in a blog post by Stowe Boyd. It has since then become most commonly used on Twitter, who started hyperlinking all of their hashtags in July 2009. In 2010 Twitter introduced “trending topics” in addition to the hashtags, they were displayed... More


Infographic – Do, or do not, there is no try

Infographic – Do, or do not, there is no try Infographics are still a very popular way of creating social media and link bait for SEO. A  good creative infographic can generate a lot of social shares, mentions as well as links from other websites. But for every great and useful infographic,... More