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Blogging Best Practise

Just set up a blog, but baffled on where to begin? This post is for you... So, you’ve set up a blog for your business, chosen a blog name, designed the layout and now you’re ready to add some content. But what should you blog about? How often should you blog? And what’s the best way to... More


How to optimise title tags – a best practice guide

A simple but incredibly important part of optimising your website for the search engines, it’s imperative that you understand why and how you should write your titles tags. What are title tags? And why do you need them? Like most titles, whether on a book, in a newspaper or a product, the... More


What is Canoncalisation?

Canonicalisation is the process of choosing one URL as the preferred URL when there are several choices. Awkwardly in the SEO industry we talk about canonicalisation as the name of the issue, but in actual fact canonicalisation is the solution. Most websites will have canonicalisation issues,... More


A Guide to Keyword Match Types

Choosing the right keyword match types in your PPC account can be the winning trigger for a successful campaign. Obviously the right keyword selection plays a huge role in PPC too, but the match types of those keywords are important as well. Hence, these settings help you control how closely the... More


How to Deal with Pagination

Pagination is a topic that pulls out a grump from any SEO, whether they’re a junior or senior. Pagination can occur on a lot of different websites, mainly those which produce a lot of similar content such as forums, blogs and e-commerce websites. If you have a website or provide on-page SEO... More


How to Optimise Your Images for SEO

How to Optimise Your Images for SEO Optimising your images can generate a lot of traffic from image search engines, like Google’s. Whether you want this traffic or not is up to you to decide. Ranking for images is similar to ranking for pages in the sense that there are clear guidelines... More


A Guide to Successful Content Outreach

Successful content outreach can only be achieved if you have great content to begin with. Creating great content really revolves around the classic rule of storytelling. You need a beginning, middle and an end. Without this you have a disjointed, shabbily written, boring article. You need to engage... More


How to Successfully Optimise Your Anchor Text

Why should we use anchor text? Anchor text – the visibly hyperlinked text on a webpage – helps to enhance the relevance of the page to which it links. Search engines give substantial weight to anchor text and therefore the words that you choose to link can make a big difference to the ranking... More


Infographic – Do, or do not, there is no try

Infographic – Do, or do not, there is no try Infographics are still a very popular way of creating social media and link bait for SEO. A  good creative infographic can generate a lot of social shares, mentions as well as links from other websites. But for every great and useful infographic,... More


Content Strategy: The Importance of Long-Tail Keywords

SEO beginners tend to focus on the “big keywords”; the keywords they think bring in all the money/traffic. But anyone who’s worked closely with SEO and content will be aware of the superior power of long-tail keywords. When you consider that around 70% of all search terms are long-tail... More