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Blogging Best Practise

Just set up a blog, but baffled on where to begin? This post is for you... So, you’ve set up a blog for your business, chosen a blog name, designed the layout and now you’re ready to add some content. But what should you blog about? How often should you blog? And what’s the best way to... More


How to Brainstorm for Content Ideas

There comes a time in every content writer’s week (sometimes day) when you hit that creative brick wall and any creative ideas you had seem to disappear faster than the chocolate biscuits in the Verve Office (believe me that’s fast). Who to brainstorm with So who should you brainstorm with?... More


How to Maximise Your Content Marketing with Google+

You may assume that since it hasn’t yet reached the social heights of Facebook or Twitter, Google+ is taking somewhat of a backseat – but you’d be missing a trick to let this one slide. The word ‘networking’ strikes fear into the hearts of all but a few blessed socialites, but by... More


Content Strategy: The Importance of Long-Tail Keywords

SEO beginners tend to focus on the “big keywords”; the keywords they think bring in all the money/traffic. But anyone who’s worked closely with SEO and content will be aware of the superior power of long-tail keywords. When you consider that around 70% of all search terms are long-tail... More