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Case Study: Social Media Campaign by Verve Search

Taxi Advertising case study

It was at this time last year that Taxi Advertising got in contact with Verve Search and asked for advice on Social Media.  It was going to be a big year for London with the Olympics and the Queens Golden Jubilee, all eyes were going to be on London.

Here is a review of what we did and why…

About Taxi Advertising

Taxi Advertising supplies taxi advertising in the UK, with particular focus on London. Their products are outdoor and interior advertising, with different formats available. They do not own a fleet of taxis but source them from independent taxi drivers.

The Challenge and Objectives

The challenge for taxi advertising was to expand their reach within their industry. One of the key points of getting into advertising agencies is to connect with the designers and show them that taxi advertising was an innovative way to connect with their target audience.

The market for outdoor advertising is very competitive, with each niche competing against the others in attracting mid- and high-profile companies’ marketing budgets. Taxi Advertising needed to stand out from competitors in a market where little differentiation exists, and remind potential clients of taxis against other ad media.

In the sector, cold-calling is a widespread practice to approach prospective clients. Verve Search wanted to exploit social media to generate interest from Taxi Advertisings core audience; Advertising and Design Agencies.

In addition to this, Verve also saw the campaign’s potential for link development and link baiting.

What we did and how we did it

Verve Search created the Eyes of the World Campaign, asking agencies and brands to come up with a fully liveried taxi design that demonstrated the most innovative use of taxi advertising as a creative medium. The winning idea would be turned into a taxi wrap and would hit the streets of London for the whole of the summer of 2012.


social media campaign uk

Verve created a competition page on the Taxi Advertising website where all the rules and instructions could be found. Once we had the initial set up we sent out a number of emails to all the contacts that Taxi Advertising had.

The taxi wrap template could be downloaded from Taxi Advertising’s website.

In order to take part in the competition, entrants were asked to post their entry on their blog and tweet about it using the hashtag #taxiad2012. 

After the deadline passed, an independent panel of judges reviewed the entries and chose five finalists. The five finalists then had ten days to get as many tweets from as many different twitter accounts.

soacil media competition page

Taxi Advertising had some great entries, some used augmented reality and others relied on social sharing to really boost the potential reach of their taxi design.

A finalists’ page was then created on Taxi Advertising’s website, where each entry had a tweet button with a custom hashtag.Verve Search used a Twitter API-based application to track tweets and contributors.

Social media competition entry 2

socail media competition entry 1


Soacial media entry 5


In order to maintain the interest high, Verve Search sent an update to each of the entrants a few days before the final deadline, containing information regarding the amount of tweets they had received and their ranking in the competition.

On the 1st of June 2012, Ogilvy for Kiwi entry was deemed winner, with 467 tweets from 426 contributors.

Social media entry 4


Tweet graph for soacil campaign

The Results

Visits to have seen a peak during the month in which the campaign has run. Both direct and referral traffic have increased more than two-fold, respectively 269% and 371% compared with the previous month.

Twitter Reach


The tweets have shown up to several thousands of Twitter followers. The hashtag related to the winning entry had a reach of 69,700 accounts, all likely to be to a certain extent related to the advertising industry.

Taxi Advertising has generated interest from some of the top advertisers in the sector, receiving service enquiries from an expanded array of potential clients who took part into the competition. The company has also acquired valuable links to high ranking websites.

At Verve Search we think that Social Media is a great tool to help reach and connect with thousands of people at once. But we don’t just ‘do’ social media, we work hard at achieving realistic goals and objectives for our clients by using well throughout campaigns that really add value to what are clients are trying to achieve. Hopefully this campaign has given you some insight into our view of what social media can do and how best to utilise the technology that is available.


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