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Business of SEO panel at SES London 2012

I was quite nervous about this session at SES yesterday as I had suggested the topic so needed it to be well received, great audience and loads of questions at the end.  My genuine opinion is that to do SEO well you need to be earning your client money, SEO should not just be about rankings and traffic but about conversions! This presentation goes through the business development side of SEO and in particular the proposal process and the questions and data you need before submitting a proposal. And most of all knowing when to say “no I don’t believe SEO is for you” when it clearly isn’t, rather than taking the money and hoping for the best. I believe this mentality is one of th reasons the SEO industry has a “bad” reputation. It might give you money in the bank straight away but it won’t do you any favours in the long run. I also go through how to estimate worth of traffic and rankings using Linkdex as a tool.

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