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#BrightonSEO: Video SEO Hacks with Phil Nottingham

Top takeaways from Phil Nottingham’s session on Video SEO at BrightonSEO 2013

BrightonSEO 2013 with Phil Nottingham talking about video SEOWe’re obsessed with video at Verve Search and we’s big fans of Phil. He started the talk with an important point to consider: not everyone does Video SEO for the same reasons. Take a second to think about why you do or want to do Video SEO.

Phil suggests we can use Video SEO to:

  • Increase conversions and traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • Links and social shares

Phil’s tips for “quick wins” and “idea generation”

  • Use internal site search to find out what people want
  • Persona research: Check out what your customers are in to, what videos do they “like” and “share”?
  • Competitior analysis: What are the competition doing with their video content? Can you learn from it, or compete with it? Could you do it better?

Quality doesn’t have to cost a lot of money – it really doesn’t!

  • Men! Don’t wear checkered shirts. They look awful on video. Don’t do it.
  • Add grading and vignette to make it look pro. It costs nothing and takes only a few seconds.
  • Good sound is FAR more important than good picture quality.
  • You don’t have to “create” all of the video in your video. Use stock footage to add to your video (Shutterstock is good for video footage).
  • Need to demonstrate someone using your software? Use to make screen mock-ups (to show people suing your software, and make your video look more pro, without

Phil doesn’t like outsourcing EVERYTHING

He says you can’t oursource:

  • Giving a shit: It’s your company/client – no one will care about it like you do.
  • Knowing what the fuck you’re talking about: YOU are the expert, you can’t outsource that.
  • Being yourself: Your clients and customers want YOU, not some outsourcing company in a different city/country.

Phil says you should….

  • Create your own video library and use it to re-edit in future videos
  • Optimise your video for SEO by adding a sitemap. It’s good for viewers AND search engines
  • Add richsnippets and split test it by using SERP Turkey and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk
  • Create transcriptions and add them to the HTML – it’s valuable for users and provides unique and relevant text for product pages. If you really want to outsource this, se Speechpad.

Phil’s tips on using YouTube for your Video SEO

  • Use the YouTube keyword tool to generate ideas – it’s super simple!
  • Measure engaments not views – look at the relative audience retention graph to find more detail
  • You need consistent quality to boost overall YouTube rankings. If one video is performing badly then set it to “unlisted” – it’s the bad apple that will lower YouTube rankings across the board.
  • Pay for ads on YouTube, Ads are like social proof for YouTube. They won’t drive much traffic (only an average CTR of 0.72%) BUT it willincrease brand awareness.

“YouTube is good for brand awareness, not for getting links and SEO.”

  • Use Wistia to host your video and make it exclusive, i.e. ONLY from your site.
  • There is a simple Distilled version available on the Distilled site
  • Only put your video on YouTube once you have exhausted it elsewhere. .
  • Check out Unruly Media based in Shoreditch for engaging bloggers and getting more links with your videos.
  • What about interviewing you customers? It’s good ego bait and if you make them look “cool and sharp” and embed it on your site, it’s likely they will embed it on their site and link back to you!
  • What about using Vine to make it super simple, quick and easy? It’s cheap too!


Great points here from Phil Nottingham. I think the key to successful Video SEO is making sure that you know what you want to achieve with your video. If you want links then you need to approach your campaign differently than if you want to increase brand awareness. And, of course, it really doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You can do it yourself, even with small budgets.

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