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#BrightonSEO 2013: Link building that “seemed like a good idea at the time” by Paul Madden

Paul Madden, “former professional spammer”, reveals the evils of old link building tactics

As a former full time spammer, Paul knows what it takes to scale and use data to gain an advantage and be a step ahead of everyone. Now as a partner in Manual Linkbuilding Paul is the guy who to give us all at Brighton SEO an insight into the world of links.

The game has changed in the last 12 months, Paul says, and now many of the links your site has can look problematic. Paul’s presentation guides the audience on how to go about solving link problems and what to do if Google takes action.

Back in the day, the tactics that worked included article marketing and human edited link directories. Today, this is a big no-no. Some companies still do this today, but they won’t be able to do so for much longer. Google is now much more savvy to spammy links so those companies that do still do the naughty deed better watch out.

Nowadays we’re improving the quality of links – the right thing to do. Even so, “the past doesn’t value the past,” says Paul. Links still stay even if they’re years old. One of Paul’s favourites which he points out include:

Things to look out for:

  • Article sites
  • Forums
  • Paid links

In the past people could get away with being spammy because Google wasn’t tuned in to what they were doing and how dodgy links were. In 2013, that’s all changed. But it’s all a bit “Laurel and Hardy” says Paul. For instance, has been valued as an unnatural link by Google.

Now, we’re not disputing the power of Google – who o dare! But, it must be noted that Google are not doing an awesome job when it comes to tracking links and defining them as good or bad.

Paul rounds up his talk by stating the following:

  • Old links can still hurt you
  • Google aren’t good at the process
  • Cleanup works
  • Penalty removal means EVERY bad link in most cases.
  • The piece of advice we all must take, says Paul, is don’t link build while under a penalty. Another big no-no.

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