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Brighton SEO – Google+ For Brands

Adriano Accardo from Google’s presentation about what G+ can do for your brand, was an insight into how communities work on line and how brands are seen and used in this forum. Community was the keyword throughout this presentation- people love being part of a community, we are constantly with a number of devices throughout the day.

People are also expressing themselves now using pictures and the thing that really stands out on G+ are images and moving images. The biggest feature on G+ are the circles, these ensure that you are talking to the right people at the right time about the right thing, whether it is personal or for business. This is how brands can use these circles well, this is how they can drive the engagement with their users. Cadbury, for example, as a brand they have over three million followers, one of the biggest followings on any of their platform. Ford photo community is one of the biggest communities on Google +

The thing with Google + is as a brand you can get all the information from alltour other social platforms in the same place. this is where YouTube works really well. An easy way to grow your brands presencebybusing video you can really engage with your audience. Great content generates great stories. Toyota for example allow you to build a  without the need to visit a dealership. As a brand this is a great way to keep the momentum going with your customers. Keep sharing and keep posting let people recommend you and measure the impact. Simples!

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