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Brighton SEO 2013: Next Step World Domination

The first session of Brighton SEO was dedicated to the Multilingual Linkbuilding so I thought to myself: “I know about this”. I work as a Content Writer for the Spanish and the English market at Verve Search, an international SEO & Content agency. The Blue Glass session talked about how important hosting foreign content is when we are trying to reach foreign markets.

Here are some International SEO tips for anyone that’s new to the Linkbuilding scene.

1. Many languages have a very limited geographical reach. Countries outside the US and UK  have much smaller markets.

2. It’s important to understand local behaviour and holidays (Spanish people have lots of bank holidays comparing to the English, for example)

3. Outreach is much easier with personal relationships. Well, this is something obvious; All of us content writers know that building relationships with bloggers and website owners is all about being human and of course, humans communicate through their language. For example, you’d never go to a doctor that doesn’t speak your language.

4. Timing is important. It all needs to line up.

So what happened with all those markets we want to approach and share our work with? As everyone knows, countries are made up of people, so it’s not surprising that in order to work with those markets we need to have the right people: “The foreigners”.

Here are some facts from Blue Glass to take into account when talking about different countries:

Germany: Content must be written by a native speaker. In this sense, I believe from my short experience in the SEO scene that everyone wants to read things written well in the right language, so for me this applies to all languages, not just German.

Russia: Old school tactics may still be useful. Outreach in English in this country can work better than in any other European country – but we all know that native speakers always have better success.

Nordics: The Nordic user is a very web savvy and it’s not enough to outreach in English…I have the pleasure to work with amazing content writers from all over Scandinavia and they all agree that this is key to building long term relationships and there’ s no doubt that honesty is something that you always have to show.

French: You must be sure to only speak in French and be sure that your grammar is correct. As I said before, I don’t think this only involves our neighbours, the French but all countries. Who likes reading content with grammar mistakes? (When I was at Uni, I remember how people failed exams for making one grammar mistake…) From that day, I know that even the smallest of mistakes are not acceptable.

USA: The US user is commercially savvy. Building blogger relationships with them can be a long process but pays off in the long term.

There was no mention of my native Spain while the speaker described how other countries react, so here we go! Spain is a country with a smaller market than the English one. It’s a country where, even despite the economic crisis getting evermore serious, they still believe in good content. As a Mediterranean country, they believe in building relationships – it’s not unusual that they ask you how your life is going in London! At the end of the day, the best tip is: Think as a human, as you write for them.

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