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Brighton SEO 2013 (morning session in the Dome)

Real Time marketing for any Brands, Oliver Snoody, Twitter UK

Head of Planning. A way to think about real time marketing. Planning for the moment.

The pulse of the planet?

It was nice to think that the guys and gals at Twitter think they are the pulse of the planet. And Oliver showed some pretty impressive stats for how twitter has been used over the past few years.

The important bit for online marketers is how do you use it to improve your online presence? Oliver broke it down, so even I could understand it.

Global Moment

Something big, like Obama winning four more years or Andy Murray winning Wimbledon. These big shared moments can be leveraged by brands. Addias did it by letting followers win a game of tennis with Andy Murray after the final. Bit out of most people league but a great way to leverage such a big moment.

Addis’s also used a picture of a footballer who had lost the Champions league final and then won the next year. A photo montage was tweeted to great effect straight after the event. So budgets don’t have to be so monumental.


News jacking. Jumping on trends.

Being able to connect moments that are in the public arena. There was an example of a comedian tweeting: ‘Lance Armstrong should be congratulated for riding a bike on drugs, I tried it and hit a dog and a tree’ (something along those lines) it got thousands of re-tweets because the story was known and people latched onto the new angle.

Being Guided by the Crowd, the Multiplier Effect

Guided by others, if one person is looking up 40% of passers-by will also look up. If 5 people are looking up, 80% of passers-by will look up.

Oliver had studies that showed how the crowd as an effect on our behaviour. There were good examples of how to spot trends in twitter relating to everyday events. So people tweet about being hungry at meal times and about shopping when the shops are open, etc. How we as marketers can use this data is to make sure we are tweeting the right content at the right time to our followers.

The example of people being hungry at meal times so this is how you can plan for ‘real time marketing’. Events can also be planned. Morrison’s changed their shop signage when Andy Murray won Wimbledon, it was an upcoming event and upcoming events can be planned for, simple.

Live Moments

Oliver went on to show examples of how brands and communities used twitter to relay information or promote their own content. The live moment, the big TV show or the big sporting moment can be latched onto and shared. It’s always going to be a challenge for smaller brands to get in on the act, but seeing as we are all so creative with our content these days it’s not unthinkable.

15 Million Twitter users in the UK and 80% use a mobile device! That’s something to put into your next Twitter strategy meeting.

Take Aways:

  • Plan for the everyday. If you have a brand or service that is used everyday you can find the best time to enage.
  • Plan for shared moments. Royal Events, Sports Events, TV shows, Elections etc etc
  • Leverage off other brands and twitter users. See what the Celebrities are doing and see if you can use it.

The Ins and Outs of Testing Social Jennifer Sable Lopez, Moz

Jen director of community at Moz

Testing is hard.

When the best time, what is the best? What gets engagement etc.?

  • Social depends on the brand and the product
  • Use your own data to get the best results.

Tools to Measure Social Output

What us the best time of the day to tweet? Funnily enough Jen suggested Moz’s in house tool Follwerwonk (which is great, so go do it)

When are the users online, most active hours of the community?

Buffer App. Use the information from follower wonk. So you get tweets in front of your audience at the right time. (I’m a big fan of Buffer App too)

When you’re active and when your people are online. Match them up.

Twitter analytics. Bit basic, but free.

Average number of Fans. Not the best information. What time of day. Gender


Jen is a big fan of this application. I have never used it but if any of you have I would love to hear from you. Post in the comments below.

Test and Tweak

Jens big mantra was to keep testing, never rest, and keep on testing!

Simply Measured

Good looking tool. Need to test this one.

Can get data from G+. Which would be great?

Publishing time can change comments. Publishing time changes the way comments are attributed. Keep track of all the changes that are made. Most clicks, etc.


Can track all the shortness. And see what clicks are being had a cross the social sphere.

Finding the average reach. Engagement is by photos. Do you want reach or engagement?

Lots of ways to get the data and use the data SPROUT SOCIAL

Shows reach, can schedule G+ posts.

Test your own tests.

Who are my influencers?

Tools to use. Google Ripples. In Google+ need to post and track with correct metrics.

True Social Metrics.

I haven’t tested this one either but let me know, what’s what.

How can the negatives work? Shows that followers left your stream etc. you can see what content works and what doesn’t work.

Take Always

  • Test; keep testing different content, different times of day.
  • Analyse, see what works and keep a record of what you have done when.
  • Find the tool that works for you. There’s a bunch out there!



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