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21 Secrets to Improve Website Conversion Rates

After recently attending the SES 2010 conference I have finally found the time to upload my blogpost on Brian Eisenberg session on How to Increase Conversion Rates. It was a great session by Brian and I hope you take as much from the tips as I did. Everyone loves a secret. Some people keep... More


A4U Expo Round up

We are back from the A4UExpo and I have stumbled, wearily I hasten to add, into a new term. Step forward “EXPO LAG”, far, far worse than jet lag in my opinion and highly confusing considering the majority of the two days was spent sitting down listening to other people. Very peculiar. I... More


How to Track your Google Local Listing

Did you know women talk more than 15% more than men every day? Men smiling at that figure now should stop as 8% of you never cleaned your teeth this morning.  Welcome to the wonderful world of statistics. They give us an insight and a clearer indication of how successful our marketing campaigns... More


How to be Bold and Influence People

Gather round soldiers, up 2, 3, 4, up 2, 3, 4... We are on a covert mission to discover whether there is any weight or value placed on keywords in bold and italic tags. The final objective of this mission is not only to debunk myths but with your help and comments to finally bury them. The value... More


V SEO – why businesses should optimise videos for YouTube

After recently working with a client regarding Video Optimisation I found myself gagging to write an article about the potential benefits of video optimisation.  This is such article and will exist as a platform for my thought spilling, fact finding and jibber jabbing process. Through the... More