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All you need is Love Week!

love-week-love-heartsWe have a whole lotta love for one another here at Verve HQ. Care and appreciation are part of our culture every day, but once a quarter we like to dedicate a whole week to putting Love at the top of our agenda.

Love Week is a fun initiative that brings team Verve together and encourages us all to bond on a deeper level; after all, we are so much more than colleagues, we’re friends. Furthermore as a result, we have a happy, well connected, more productive team who are all willing to bend over backwards to support each other.

Everyone knows there’s a correlation between happiness and productivity in the workplace, and we feel that each year, Love Week reminds us just how much joy we get from giving, as well as receiving. Also, as a growing team full of fresh faces, it serves as the perfect opportunity for everyone to get to know each other.


Don’t you want a piece of that action? Then join us and set up your own Love Week. At the start of the week everyone is allocated a ‘Secret Angel’ which is decided on by drawing names out of a hat. Every day, for the rest of the week, Secret Angels carry out random acts of kindness to their target without revealing their identity. The beauty of it is whilst you’re busy playing Secret Angel to someone, someone else in the business is working hard at being your Secret Angel. It’s a constant loop-of-love!

Plenty of organisations set up initiatives that feel contrived and self-serving but Love Week puts the power in the hands of the individual, allowing them to be as involved as they like. Each year we’re blown away by the thoughtfulness of the Verve team, not to mention the creativity!

It really is very simple, and the impact across the organisation is so powerful, we recommend you give it a go. Love Week at Verve Search starts on Monday 17th August, so do keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook page to see how we get on. If you’d like to spread the love, join us by sharing photos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using hashtag #SpreadLoveWeek.

Love Week is a movement created by the loving guys at Mindvalley. We want to help them spread love and happiness to every company in the world. Join us in this mission!

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