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24 Hour London

Client: Lenstore Market: UK Campaign URL: See London like never before! Verve Search worked in partnership with Nikon and the Canary Wharf Group to produce this 8 gigapixel, 24 hour time-lapse photo of the London Skyline. This beautiful and... More


Pay Check

Client: IG Market: UK, France, Australia, Singapore Campaign URL: Some world leaders are paid more than others, but how does their pay packet reflect their country’s economic makeup? In Pay Check users can discover which leaders of OECD... More


Can You Spot it

Client: Lenstore Market: UK Campaign URL: For Lenstore we created an interactive find-it game that encourages users to find 5 hidden objects in a myriad of different sceneries.  Whether it’s a caterpillar hidden in a sushi roll, a mushroom in... More


Alternate Architecture

Client: Market: UK Campaign URL: Some of the most iconic landmarks in the world had rejected designs that look a lot different from the recognisable designs we know and love today; can you imagine a giant Elephant in... More