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What Makes a Hollywood Hit

Client: PartyCasino Market: UK Campaign URL: Finding a way to get links and coverage across top-tier entertainment media for a betting and gaming site is a tall order, and many people in the search industry believe that it’s... More


eSports Champions

Client: Unibet Market: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland Campaign URL: With the League of Legends final drawing more viewers than the last game of the 2016 NBA Finals and total eSports prize pools exceeding $93 million; gaming has transformed from a... More


Virtual Flåm

Client: Expedia Market: Norway Campaign URL: Flåm is one of the steepest railways in Europe and was described by Lonely Planet Traveler magazine as the "world's most incredible train journey of 2014".  We created Virtual Flåm; a campaign that... More


Unknown Tourism

Client: Expedia Market: UK Campaign URL: We created a series of fictional travel posters commemorating some of the animals we've lost and are in danger of forgetting. Inspired by the air travel advertisements of the mid-20th century, the posters... More


Next Gen Cars

Client: Market: UK Campaign URL: We worked with school children to create Next Gen Cars; a fun and engaging campaign that was not only relevant to car insurance but also creative, shareable and... More


Historic London

Client: Expedia Market: UK Campaign URL: Using Google's Streetview functionality, we overlaid 100 year old photographs above the current sceneries to create Historic London. This enables users to peruse the bustling streets of London to see how some... More


Billionaire’s League

Client: Market: UK Campaign URL: For the first time ever we took decades worth of financial data on the richest people in the world to create a piece of branded content that would tell incredibly simple, yet compelling... More


Accent Map

Client: Expedia Market: UK Campaign URL: Did you know there are over 56 officially recognised local dialects in England? From Scouse to Brummie down to Kentish and Bristolian, most Brits with a keen ear can pick up on the different variations. How well do... More