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Welcome to the Team Ruthie Roberts and Josie Sampson

We looked high, then low, then high again........and it paid off! We’ve been making an awful lot of noise recently, about how important it is to recruit the right people; people who are naturally creative but who can also think logically, and adapt easily. We know it’s not an easy role to... More


My main take away’s from Brighton SEO 2012

  Brighton SEO “Cath, make us a cup of tea? If you make us a cup of tea I’ll put the rubbish out after the TV Programme” Dave Trott. The above sentence has everything you need to know about advertising. It’s all there, part of me is tempted to finish this blog post here and... More


Search Love London 2012 – Why you should get a ticket

I'm delighted to announce that I'm speaking at Search Love London London 2012. I will be speaking  (for a whole 50 min of Lisa..god help you) on "International SEO - One Size doesn't fit all!" - how to implement a successful international SEO campaign, from geo targeting (yes there will be... More