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The Benefits of Google Analytics Real Time Reporting

Back in the early days of my online business efforts, I had very little knowledge about what was happening “behind the scenes”. In fact, the only way I knew where my customers were coming from was by reading the postal addresses they provided for me to send their products to. I would pick... More


Welcome to the team Ben Holbrook!

We have been searching high and low for the perfect candidate, little did we know he was hiding in Wales, but we managed to persuade him to come and join us in sunny Surbiton. We are delighted to welcome Ben Holbrook to our team at Verve Search. Ben is  a natural born entrepreneur having started... More


Search Personality of the Year at the UK Search Awards 2011

I attended the UK Search Awards last week with Ciaran Oliver from my team here at Verve Search, we had entered the category 'Best SEO Campaign' for the awards and were totally stoked when we WON the category. Little did I know that wasn't the end of the happy "surprises" that evening. Second to... More


Verve Search WINS ‘Best SEO Campaign’ at the UK Search Awards

Thursday night last week (3rd November) the UK Search Awards kicked off at the Emirates Stadium (the home of Arsenal football club). Myself and Ciaran were attending the awards ceremony (Nick and Sam are otherwise busy on opposite side of the globe) and were super excited. Verve Search had entered... More


Adobe Seminar September 29 2011

I went to the Adobe seminar on Search hosted at the Soho Hotel in, surprise surprise, Soho. What a venue by the way, great looking place. There was some networking to start with and I met quite a few of the movers and shakers in the industry, which was great. We were then shown into the sumptious... More


UK Search Awards 2011 – Verve Search Shortlisted in “Best SEO Campaign” Category

The Verve Search office is buzzing with exitment! We've been shortlisted for the UK Search Awards in the category "Best SEO Campaign" for our SEO Services on the  Yale Door website. Being shortlisted in a category like this with such great compeition is an honour. Having worked with Yale Door... More


Whats new in local & mobile search– SMX 2011

Local. What’s not local these days... According to Google about 30% of all search queries have local intent. Good job I’m in the 4th session of the day here at SMX 2011 then, where Local & Mobile search are being put on centre stage. The speaker line-up is as if SMX has created it’s... More


Keyword Research Ninja Tactics – SMX London 2011

I always wanted to be a ninja... Not a ninja of links though. Which is why it’s awesome my vocational change has brought me back into the realm of them. SEO ninja’s are unlike common ninja’s and drink coffee. This is the second group of presentations I attended on day 2 of SMX London... More


How to optimise for Google Products

Right. Firstly; please be gentle with me. As you will be aware in three words time, this is my first ever blog post. A surprising fact when you take into account how long I have worked at Verve Search, especially having sat next to the bloglific Sam Murray and Lisa Myers for the majority of... More


SEO Wars Spoof Videos – from “back in the day”

I'm officially back to work in a few weeks and we just had a a team meeting, one of the things we talked about was doing more "fun stuff", and naturally we started talking about the "good old days" with Rebecca and Joe (we miss you guys). When I was Head of Search at Base One we did a few Star Wars... More