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A4U Expo Round up

We are back from the A4UExpo and I have stumbled, wearily I hasten to add, into a new term. Step forward “EXPO LAG”, far, far worse than jet lag in my opinion and highly confusing considering the majority of the two days was spent sitting down listening to other people. Very peculiar. I... More


A4U Expo – Web Analytics Presentation by Lisa Myers

It's day 2 of A4Uexpo, so far it's been a great conference, many new faces as this is an Affiliate conference and not just SEO. Today I spoke on the Web Analtyics panel with Will Crichlow from Distilled and Joanna Butler from Lattitude. My presentation focused on the very specifics on how to track... More


A4U Expo – Lisa Myers “Beyond Linkbaiting” Presentation

I promised I would share my presentations from A4U so here's the first installment. On Day1 of A4U Expo I spoke on the panel "Beyond Linkbaiting" with Kelvin Newman from Site Visibility and Dixon Jones from Receptional (and MajesticSEO). I very much enjoyed speaking on link development as it's a... More