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The Google+ Business page is a Google+ visualisation of your Google Places for Business listing with all the added benefit of social networking. The amalgamation of Google Places for Business and Google+ allows your customers to interact with the business, ask questions, share opinions and add the business to their circles. When you make an update to your Google+ Business page, customers will see it in their Google+ page feed.

Google defines the service as the way in which you can be found by customers, making it easier for customers to get in contact with you and start conversations. Overall it’s a more engaging and interactive complement to ‘Google Places for Business’ (read about how to add your business to Google Places for Business.

Google + Business Page

Why get a Google+ Business Page?

By creating a Google+ Business page your customers will be able to find your business through Google+. It will also encourage interaction between your business and customers. Followers will be able to see posts, articles, photos and videos which they can also share across the Google+ platform. This will potentially help you to be seen by more people, especially through local searches.

Example: You own a café in Marylebone.  A customer looking for a café specifically in the Marylebone area might search for one with great reviews and aesthetically pleasing photos (so no snappy happy moments before the dirty dishes have been done!).

You may be worried about having to update and manage two separate forms of Google listings. Google Place for Business and Google+ Business. Well, fear not because these two services are fully integrated within one another. You can edit through the ‘Google Places for Business’ dashboard and all the information will be updated in your Google+ Business page.  Another great reason to get your business on Google+ Business is if you don’t have a website it’s a great way for your business to be seen by a greater audience.

The benefit compared to other social networks

Encouraging social interaction between your customers and your business will help increase the search rankings of your Google+ Business page. The reason being that +1 holds greater weight versus Facebook and Twitter signals. According to Search Metrics, Google +1s have a higher correlation to search rankings therefore there’s a greater chance of ranking higher. It’s best to use Google+ as part of a combined social strategy.

Google+ pages are crawled and indexed almost instantaneously and are treated as a regular webpage. The result is they have a page rank and those with a higher page rank delivers greater authority to sites they have linked to. A bonus is that Google+ posts hold their authority indefinitely.

How to create your Google+ Business Page

Visit Google+ Business and click on, Get your page this will take you through a step-by-step process of setting up your Google+ Business Page.

Get your business on Google for free

Choose the Local business or place option and you’ll then be taken to a map search function. Here you’ll search for your business on Google Places for Business. Once you have found your business, select it and start editing your Google+ Business page.

As you have claimed a business from a listing from Places for business all the information you have entered will be imported automatically into your Google+ Local Page. Any further information such as photos or posts can be added as and when you wish.